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Bluebridge ferry

If you want to explore as much of New Zealand as possible, you'll have to cross Cook Strait to go from the North to the South Island (or vice versa). The Bluebridge ferry is an easy and relaxing way to do this. Just like on any ferry, you simply drive on, enjoy the Cook Strait crossing in the cafe or bar and drive off again on the other side.

Save money on the ferry crossing

One of the reasons you booked a Spaceship campervan is that it drives like a regular car but with the features of a campervan. Well, that's also the reason you'll be saving money on the Bluebridge ferry crossing. You pay the low rate of a normal car (less than 5.5m long), instead of the higher rate these huge motorhomes and big campervans have to pay. That's money you can keep in your pocket to use for fun stuff on your road trip.

We strongly recommend booking your Bluebridge ferry crossing in advance in the busy summer season (November to March). You'll avoid delays and disappointment. 

Let us book your Bluebridge ferry ticket

Bluebridge may have fewer sailings between Wellington and Picton then the Interislander ferry but they are giving you an authentic Kiwi experience. Bluebridge ferry operates up to four times daily between the North and the South Island.

The friendly Spaceships crew is happy to help to add a Bluebridge ferry crossing to your Spaceships booking. We love to make your trip as smooth as possible. Just contact us by phone on 0800 772 237 (free call) or by email via

Bluebridge ferry timetable

The most up to date Bluebridge ferry sailing schedule can be found on their website. Times vary and are dependent on day of the week and the season. 

If you would like to know more about crossing Cook Strait on the Bluebridge ferry, just contact the friendly Spaceships crew. Or talk to our depot staff in Auckland or Christchurch for travel advice when picking up your vehicle.

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