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Auckland Christchurch

DOC campsites NZ

Being aware of these great DOC campsites before you arrive can really help you plan the best adventure possible while in New Zealand. 

Doc camping in New Zealand is the ultimate way to experience off the beaten track camping in New Zealand. We are blessed to have a huge number of National Parks and a number of World Heritage Areas. These areas are scenically stunning and within a lot of them are DOC campsites that range from FREE to around $15 per night. They vary in the level of facilities they offer and their locations but often they are located in the bush, by a beach, lake or river (places of natural beauty).

We encourage our travellers to check out at least a couple of DOC camps. Please be aware to camp responsibly and take all rubbish with you when you leave. There are over 250 DOC camsites so this shouldn’t be an issue. Choosing which ones to stay at may be a bit harder so this is why we sent our photographer Micah around for 5 weeks to capture some photos of what you can expect in some of the DOC camps. You can see these above in the main image banner by clicking on the small dots at the bottom of the images.

The DOC camps are great fun and tend to attract more down to earth people looking for a more genuine camping experience. Taking a fishing rod with you is a great option but make sure you are aware of the different rules around when you can fish and the size and number limits. These rules vary for fresh and salt water and in different regions.

Camping is only half of the experience - what about the stuff to do along the way? This is why we have teamed up with Scott Cook – Author of the NZ Frenzy Guidebooks. His content is a great fit for those adventurous travellers looking to experience more. In his books, which we provide for FREE as PDF’s you will find information on great things to see and do along the way plus some more info on the DOC sites.

To take this step further again we have also linked in with Rob from On his website you will find every campsite in NZ and under activities and adventures you will find the NZ Frenzy content.

These FREE tools will help you to have the best adventure possible!


Featuring in these DOC campsite images are the


Mavora Lakes Campsite - South Island

Kidds Bush Reserve Camp – South Island

Moke Lake Campsite – South Island

Lake Taylor – South Island


Fletcher Bay – North Island

Port Jackson – North Island


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nz frenzy Now when you book with us you get a FREE copy of the NZ Frenzy Guidebooks (worth $40)
Detailed information is provided on the lesser known beautiful parts of New Zealand and DOC camps. Check out their reviews 
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Links to the DOC campsite brochures

Conservation campsites North Island (PDF)
Conservation campsites South Island (PDF) 


If you want to view both the camps and NZ Frenzy content together online then check out


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