DOC Campgrounds in Christchurch

DOC camping grounds in Christchurch

Unfortunately, there are no DOC campsites in Christchurch or Banks Peninsula. DOC does however offer a range of vehicle accessible campsites around Christchurch in what is defined as North and South Canterbury.

North Canterbury DOC Campsites

There are a total of 12 DOC campsites in North Canterbury

The closest DOC campsite to Christchurch is called the Grey River, Mt Grey/Maukatere Conservation Area. This is located in the Ashley Forest. It is worth talking to DOC about access as sometimes it is closed. It is a basic campsite which means it is free.

Wooded Gully is a standard DOC campsite about 12km from Ashley Gorge. Fees range from $6/$3 per night.

On state highway 73, which links Christchurch to Arthurs Pass, the first DOC campsite is in the Craigieburn Forest Park. Located between Castle Hill and Lake Pearson and set in a landscape of beech forest, tussock and mountains this is a pretty good place to be. It is a standard campsite with fees from $6/$3 per night.

From the Craigieburn Forest Park to Arthurs Pass there are a further six DOC campsites.

Deer Valley is located in the Lewis Pass 20km from Springs Junction. This is a basic campsite beside the Lewis River and close to the thermal hot pools of Maruia Springs.

South Canterbury DOC campsites

There are a total of nine DOC camps located throughout South Canterbury. The closest to Christchurch is the Peel Forest Campsite. This is a serviced campsite with 53 sites in total, 4 cabins and 24 powered sites. Fees range from $12/$5 per night. Bookings are required during peak season (December to February)

Close by are a couple of standard camps for $6/$3 per night. The Orari Gorge is located within a remnant of a podocarp forest and the Waihi Gorge is on the banks of the Waihi River.

Pioneer Park is just a short drive away and offers another standard DOC camp. A bit further south is Mt Nimrod and Otaio Gorge. These are both standard campsites also for $6/$3 per night.

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