How much is campervan insurance


Campervan insurance or as some people refer to it as bond reduction options vary considerably between different companies. It pays to read the fine print around what is actually included and excluded with each option available. We have tried to make our campervan insurance simple and apply for all ages 18 years and older.

How much is campervan insurance with Spaceships? There is a bond with an excess of $3000 if you decide to travel on the Standard Insurance, which is included in the day rate. If you want to reduce you liability and excess to $1500 you can pay an extra $20 per day. If you want to remove all risk and reduce your excess to $0 you can by paying $30 per day. This is called the All Inclusive and offers complete cover including;

- The roof, Under body, Exterior panels, Unlimited windscreen chips, Side mirrors, $0 daily repair fee, Single vehicle accidents, Towing costs, 2 replacement tyres, 1 single vehicle roll over, Glass cover, *Cover for gravel roads, 1 windscreen replacement, and No one-way fees.

A windscreen replacement can cost up to $550, stone chips cost $75 each, and a tyre costs $140 so you can start to see some real value just from these three inclusions.

The cover for gravel roads is a big one as most companies do not include this. There are three exceptions, which are the same roads as everyone else. Skippers Canyon Road near Queenstown, Ball Hutt Road near Mt Cook and 90 Mile Beach in Northland.

The Spaceships All Inclusive really is just that. Travel with complete peace of mind while on holiday for only an extra $30 per day. This is capped at 40 days hire or $1200 for longer hires. 


For more information view our Excess reduction options page