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Campervan hire New Zealand reviews


Don't just take our word for it! Browse throughout the below reviews on our Spaceships campers and Rocket campers.
We have been operating for 10 years in New Zealand. We are officially endorsed Visitor Transport operator by Qualmark New Zealand and pride ourselves on offering a great vehicle for exploring New Zealand in, excellent guidance and support and friendly service. 

We hope to see you in New Zealand soon. If you have any questions please contact us at or on +64 9 526 2130.

"We had a lovely time staying in our Spaceship! It felt spacious and comfortable as we drove around the North Island of NZ. We loved how it drove like a normal car but it felt so big when you were in the back. The bed was really comfy as well and it had everything we needed." From Jade

"Couldn't think of any other way to travel and live around New Zealand. The car was reliable, fun and spacious. Recommend it to anyone." From Caity 

"I am a big fan of the Spaceships, we did the north and south islands and our little van was great. The bed was big enough for me @ 6'4" and the mattress was very comfortable. I would suggest Spaceships to anyone driving around New Zealand." from Aaron

"My boyfriend and I hired the Dream Sleeper Mini which I've got to say is the coolest little camper! It's got everything you need including really nice bedding, comfy mattress and mattress topper, towels, all kitchen ware, gas stove, fridge, a little sink which you can access from inside and out - it's a touch of luxury for a fraction of the price - we loved it! We received exceptional service from the Auckland team who took the time to show us how everything worked properly and answer our questions. They told us about some "must-do" places to visit and local secrets. We had a great time exploring New Zealand in the Dream Sleeper Mini!" from Jodine

"What an awesome experience travelling in a Spaceship! We rented a 3 seater spaceship - it was extremely comfy, clean and so easy to drive. We travelled along some very windy roads on the North Island but felt really safe anywhere we were. Customer Service was excellent, anything we asked was answered easily and we were even given suggestions by the staff on where to go and what to see. Tank was fuel efficient and the car had so much space. I wouldn't go anywhere else now I've travelled in a Spaceship! Highly recommended" from Rachel

"I rented a 'Beta 2 Berth' Spaceships last month with a friend and my 1 year old son while we travelled around the southern island of NZ. We had an amazing holiday! The camper was great, well organized and plenty of space for our food and luggage. My son loved sleeping inside it with me, while my friend camp next to us every night. The vehicle was super easy to drive and we felt super safe all the time. I definitely recommend Spaceships and will rent it again in the future! And I recommend couples with kids under 1 to travel with one!!" from Maria

"Dream Sleeper: Epic! Had everything you could need and was super lovely to drive. We spent ALOT of time on the road and we felt very comfortable in our van. Sleeping was pretty good, anyone over 5" 8 would struggle to lie flat but, under that height and you're winning. Well equipped with everything you could need - fridge is a good size and there was even a small freezer. We drove from Auckland - Christchurch and back again. If you come around March time go see the seals - we touched one, it was amazing. The scenery was just crazy beautiful so drive safe and take lots of stops. This country is so beautiful - see as much as you can!" from Julie

"Great time!!! Really friendly staff, no problem with the car "The Delorean". We travelled 6 weeks and everything goes perfectly with the car. One thing which works not correctly was the gas cooker. 6 great weeks but it gets uncomfortable with the mattress. Price performance works well!! We had a great trip! And we will recommend and book spaceships everytime again." from Tina

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