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Auckland Christchurch

Free with your campervan hire

A Spaceship is ideal for those looking for a campervan that enables you to travel with the same comfort, performance and low on road costs of a good car. Anyone can drive a Spaceship campervan. Check out all that you'll get for free with your campervan hire.

Get all this for FREE with your campervan

  • Two 250-page guide books in PDF called NZ Frenzy, the ultimate traveller's guide to NZ
  • Standard insurance that includes 3rd party cover. Plus the option to upgrade to All Inclusive Insurance (with extra value for FREE).
  • Great information on camping including PDFs, online maps, brochures and camp passes
  • PDF guides to driving in NZ, videos in multiple languages and free road code tests
  • Access to our Space Mates network for deals and local information
  • A great range of optional accessories to make your trip more comfortable
  • Friendly customer service which can help you book your ferry
  • The best prices for transfers to and from our depots (free transfer if you hire for 21 days or more)
  • Pick-up / drop-off in Auckland or Christchurch (and no one-way fees)
  • Cutlery, crockery including a pot, pan and kettle
  • FREE after-hours pick-up and drop-off
  • Discounts on activities
  • Bedding and linen

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You'll save money

  • You don't need a powered campsite every night to use the features
  • Good fuel economy (600km per tank with the Beta 2 and Beta 2S; 700km with the Dream Sleeper Mini)
  • Spaceships are classed as the smallest car on the ferry (cheaper to cross Cook Strait)
  • We have great specials and discounts
  • No diesel road user charges
  • Unlimited kilometres

With low daily rates, excellent service, heaps of stuff for free with your campervan, support and complete peace of mind with our All Inclusive Insurance Package you can travel hassle-free and spend more of your money on the amazing array of different experiences around New Zealand.

Spaceships are good and safe to drive

Did we mention that a Spaceships campervan drives just like a normal car? Here's why.

  • Automatic transmission so you don't need to worry about changing gears
  • It's actually a good car rather than a commercial van
  • It has a safety crumple zone like you find on a regular car. Something vans don't have.
  • Large windscreen for excellent viewing along the way (and for the person not driving an excellent opportunity to take photos)
  • Insulated like a car to keep you warm in winter
  • It has enough power to accelerate up hills (and there are quite a few hills in New Zealand)
  • You sit higher off the road than in a standard car
  • It handles like a car with all modern features like power steering and air-conditioning.

Made for New Zealand conditions

Spaceships are designed and built for the New Zealand roads and weather conditions. A Spaceship provides a very comfortable drive and features that work for New Zealand conditions – such as an internal bed for colder nights and external sleeping option with 30% more space and ventilation for hot summer nights and a unique tent-like experience without the hassle of having to actually set up a tent.

Our campervans are well-suited for exploring remote and beautiful New Zealand Department of Conservation Campgrounds where bigger motorhomes are not allowed but equally well suited for mainstream holiday parks and different accommodation along the way.

Packed with useful features

  • Dual battery system in a Spaceship self-charges as you drive so you are not reliant on powered campsites
  • The longest bed in any campervan, up to 2.37m (available on request)
  • Extendable cooker to keep the cooking smells outside (you also get a pot, pan and kettle for free with your campervan hire) 
  • Sleep inside, stay warm in winter. Even tall Europeans fit in our campervan beds. And linen is included.
  • External sleeping option for those warm summer nights
  • Spaceships also come in a more discrete look
  • We even have luxury vehicles for those of you wanting to go glamping.

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Hassle free travel

  • Ability to drive on gravel roads fully insured (except the three roads not covered in New Zealand, being 90 Mile Beach, Ball Hut Road and Skippers Road)
  • Our free after hours service - pick up and drop off whenever you like. Needs to be booked in advance
  • Free calling number within New Zealand: 0800 772 237 (all our contact details)
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week roadside service 
  • Our comprehensive All Inclusive insurance cover


Drive safe in New Zealand

Spaceships campervans are easy and safe to drive. Even if you're not used to driving on the left-hand side of the road. To make it even easier for you, we have free tests and heaps of information about driving in New Zealand. That way, you can learn the New Zealand Road Code before you arrive. Easy as.


Join the Spaceships community 

  • Each Spaceship has its own unique name (and personality). How about driving Luke Sky Walker around New Zealand? Or if you prefer to travel to the dark side, we also have a Darth Vader.
  • It's creating a fun community out on the road (don't forget to wave to fellow Space Travellers)
  • Share travel stories, tips & tricks with fellow Space travellers

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