Rocket (most affordable) - Reliable and a great value vehicle option

8A Rocket (2 berth) campervan is the original award winning Spaceship with a recently refurbished interior fit out and exterior paintwork in 2013! Rockets are easy to drive, simple to use and very versatile.

The Vehicle itself is a Toyota Estima known for their reliability. They are mechanically well maintained offering a great cheap two berth campervan option. Ideal for those travellers looking to save money on a camper and spend more on the stuff to do around New Zealand. 

The Rocket (2 berth) campervan has a full size double bed that can be used inside during cooler times of the year or extended out the back (a must have during the hot summer nights in New Zealand) into a waterproof rear awning with insect screen, seat belted seating for up to four people. This means you can share fuel costs, large storage area, cooker stand, dual burner cooker, chilly bin or bag, water tank, CD player and iPod cord. Bedding, linen, cooking gear and cutlery is also incuded!

Advantages of a road trip in a Spaceship


Free NZ Frenzy guidebooks with your campervan hire

✓ We do hire to drivers of 18 years of age
✓ Bedding & linen, cutlery & crockery are included
✓ Easy to drive, just like a normal car
✓ Free NZ Frenzy guidebooks (500 pages in total)
✓ Free after-hours pick-up & drop-off


When you book with us you get a FREE copy of the NZ Frenzy Guidebooks (worth $40). You'll be getting both the North Island and the South Island edition of this guidebook. They provide detailed information about the lesser known beautiful parts of New Zealand. Go explore New Zealand like a local.


Rocket 2 berth campervan: features 


Sleeping Option 1: internal sleeping

Keep the boot closed and extend the bed internally for a good night's sleep. Two adults can sleep comfortably in a Rocket (2 berth) campervan. All linen & bedding is included in the hire price.

Rocket 2 berth campervan sleeping inside option

Sleep comfortably inside in this 2 berth campervan

  • Ideal option in colder weather
  • Comfortable full size double bed
  • Bed measures 1.92m long by 1.4m wide
  • Smart design means the bed can be fully set up in less than 10 seconds and you don't have to rearrange the interior.

To set up: Turn the rear seat around to face the back door, set up the internal bed legs (provided for free) then sit the bed extension on top of the bed legs which sit over the rear seat. This will take you less than 10 seconds to set up and dismantle.

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Sleeping Option 2: 30% more space & ventilation

Extend the bed out the back for 30% more space and ventilation. This is an amazing option that can be used all year round (though some may prefer in the summer only).


Rocket 2 berth campervan extended sleeping option

Extended sleeping option for 30% more space


Cooking: kitchen at the back (2-burner gas cooker)

Kitchen at the back for (covered) outdoors cooking

Easy to use cooking option with the Rocket (2 berth) campervan

The two burners are provided with an easy to set up the extension at the back (outdoors, yet covered cooking). A complete cooking kit is provided with a 20-litre water container.  

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Seat-belted seating for 3-4



AM/FM radio, CD player and iPod cord


Radio & music options in the Rocket 2 berth campervan

Play your tunes loud in the Rocket (2 berth) campervan

Surround sound speaker system, so plug in your iPod or phone and crank your own tunes as you explore New Zealand. 

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Large storage area and external table


The main rear storage is accessed from the back and can securely store two large soft backpacks. The internal storage area is where the cooker, cutlery and cooking equipment are stored and offers space for dry food storage. You don't have to rearrange the interior for day and night time use.

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Chilly bin and internal storage area

Chilly bin and storage area of the Rocket 2 berth campervan

Plenty of storage in the Rocket

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Unique 3 in 1 swivel seat design for seating, eating and sleeping


Swivel seat in Rocket 2 berth campervan

Unique and easy to use swivel seat


The rear seat can be rotated to perform 3 unique features. The photo above shows option 2. 

  1. Driving: Position the seat forward for seating for up to two people.
  2. Eating: Turn the seat so it's facing out the side door. Then you can set up the internal table while cooking and eating.
  3. Sleeping: Lastly you can turn the seat so that's facing backwards, then add the bed extension to create a full side double bed inside your campervan.



Automatic transmission


Cockpit of the Rocket 2 berth campervan

Rocket (2 berth) campervan is easy to drive




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