Come to the Orange Side... Join the Spaceships Crew

“You will know when you are calm, at peace, passive. A Jedi uses the force for knowledge and defence, never for attack.”

Yep, that’s a classic quote from Star Wars. You probably recognised Yoda's wisdom… If you didn't then no worries, you can still work at Spaceships. We’ll just teach you about all the sci-fi classics, from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy to Back to the Future. Tongue Out

You’ll get used to our geekiness… For example, all Spaceships campervans are named after characters from games, movies or geek culture in general.

Why join the Spaceships Crew?

We’re a fun bunch that is focussed on making sure our customers have a great time while road tripping in New Zealand. Our promises guarantee it. All crew members (from groomers to the End Boss) work together to make this possible on a daily basis.

Oh and we have (semi-)professional coffee machines at our depots, so caffeine-wise you’re sorted. We also have regular meet-ups and get-togethers to have fun and enjoy some craft beers (or craft lemonade). It’s fun being a Space Traveller (customer) and it’s fun being a Spaceships Geek (crew member).
Will you join us?

Spaceships Auckland depot

Come to the Orange Side... Join the Spaceships Crew

Current vacancies

Throughout the year, we'll post our current vacancies or job openings on this page. If you think you can add value to our brand, but there aren't any job openings, feel free to send us an open application.

No vacancies right now (2020)