Want to experience an adventure like no other? GODZone!

Posted on 16/12/2018 by Joe | guest blogger

For those that enjoy the outdoors and have conquered traditional running and triathlon events, there is a greater challenge that awaits. GODZone is more than an ordinary adventure race. It's the challenge of a lifetime, so get ready.

What is GODZone?

This race weeds out those that aren't dedicated to athletic excellence. It's an annual, expedition-style event that spans multiple days and is non-stop until racers reach the finish line. The course is located in New Zealand and spans varied terrains, testing one's ability to handle different elevations, temperatures and physical obstacles.

Running, biking and kayaking are among the activities you'll engage in to reach the finish line. Coastlines, mountains and flatlands are the backdrop to your adventure.

Why Participate?

Although racers are part of a team, finishing GODZone is a personal challenge that gives racers a chance to show what they're made of. It's all about pushing boundaries and overcoming obstacles. It's all about nature as well. Racers get to experience some of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet. Training in the gym or running a marathon through a major city doesn't compare to the gauntlet of nature.

Check out this video from last year's GODZone edition.

In addition to pushing one's physical limits, racing with a team is a chance to build bonds with highly talented athletes. Team members may experience friction on the course, but the satisfaction of completing a race together only brings people closer, once over the finish line. Participating also gives athletes serious bragging rights. Who but only the strongest competitors can even come close to finishing this race?

GODZone Chapter 8

Christchurch and the greater Canterbury district, along with the coastal town of Akaroa, encompass a large portion of the chapter 8 race. The Pure, Prime and Pursuit races take place from 10 to 17 March 2019. However, there are a number of milestones leading up to the event, including entries, newsletters and registration.

This epic adventure race that tops all others is embodied in Chapter 8, and racers can expect the very best in nature, competition and teamwork.

If racers find themselves unable to make it through the course, there is no shame. It is a daunting challenge. Teams can continue on, but team members may be replaced. Also, it's advisable to try the race again. Winning is often times a matter of practice and not giving up.


Why Canterbury?

The host location was selected because it has the right mix of intrigue, challenge and beauty. From the inviting beaches and seas to mountain passes and lakes, racers will have to prove their adaptability to a variety of terrains. Biking, hiking, running, swimming and kayaking are among the activities racers will engage in, to conquer Canterbury. There is no better area to experience the outdoors and prove one's athletic prowess.

Also, National Geographic recently named Canterbury as one of the best trip destinations for 2019. It is the best area for an action-packed trip, so it makes perfect sense that GODZone Chapter 8 is taking place in Canterbury. Will you join the action?

Do not go through life without living an adventure. Get a team together or join an existing crew and sign up for the adventure of a lifetime, GODZone. You'll have memories of conquering nature that you can carry with you for the rest of your life.

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