The best way to support New Zealand business: a better gift card for travellers

Posted on 11/04/2020 by Spaceships Crew

In times of lock-downs and COVID-19, we all want to have something fun to look forward to. We all want to know when we can start travelling again. Travelling to explore New Zealand for example. Right now, you might think it’s impossible to plan a trip. That’s why we have launched Spaceships Dollars, a better gift card for travellers.

When booking a Spaceships campervan to explore New Zealand, you know for sure that you will get lots of flexibility included for free. Spaceships Rentals is different than other campervan companies in New Zealand.

  • You can always change the travel dates on your booking for free before the day of pick-up. That way, you are never locked in but always have the flexibility to postpone your booking if needed, for example, due to COVID-19 travel restrictions.
  • You’ll only have to pay a 20% deposit when booking your Spaceships campervan online (which is done at the lowest rate available, guaranteed). The remaining 80% can be paid later, even a day before the scheduled day of pick-up.

But sometimes travellers prefer even more flexibility, as it can be scary to book a road trip now. That’s why we have created Spaceships Dollars. It’s like a gift card for travellers but better.

Spaceships Dollars: better than a gift card for travellers

Spaceships Dollars is the most flexible way to pre-pay part of your road trip without locking in travel dates. And you’ll get an extra discount as well. Here’s how it works.

  1. Spaceships Dollars (SPD) can be purchased online (it's like a digital gift card)
  2. You set the number of Spaceships Dollars you like to purchase now (1 SPD = 1NZ$)
  3. The order confirmation number you receive is your Spaceships Dollars gift voucher number
  4. As soon as, you are ready to book a Spaceships campervan you’ll add your voucher number to the “Special requests or extra info” of the online booking and we’ll deduct your Spaceships Dollars as a discount, you’ll get NZ$ 1.30 back for each Spaceships Dollar you purchased online.

This means that if you purchase 100 Spaceships Dollars now, you’ll get 130 New Zealand dollars as discount back when you book your campervan later in the year or next year.

Kumara Spaceships tadaaaa

A more rewarding way to book a campervan road trip: Spaceships Dollars, better than a gift card for travellers

What can I do with Spaceships Dollars?

Spaceships Dollars can be used to pay for any product or service that we offer at Spaceships Rentals New Zealand. Campervan hire. Optional, paid camping accessories. Or anything else we might add to our campervan booking system in the future.

You will always get 130% in return as a discount for your Spaceships Dollars. 1 Spaceships Dollar is always worth 1.30 New Zealand dollar as a discount. That’s an easy 30% earned on the money you invest in your New Zealand road trip now.

Why is it different than a gift card?

We decided to go for Spaceships Dollars to create something more flexible and thus better than a gift card for travellers. Why? Travellers like flexibility. As travellers ourselves, we understand that there are a lot of uncertainties and no one wants to be pinned down.

When buying a traditional gift card, you’re locked into fixed amounts and all kinds of terms and conditions. Spaceships Dollars keeps it simple and super flexible.

  • You decide how many or how little Spaceships Dollars you want to purchase. You can set any amount; it starts from as low as $1. And you can always buy extra Spaceships Dollars later on.
  • When converting Spaceships Dollars to a discount on your Spaceships campervan you will always get 30% more in return: 1 Spaceships Dollars = 1.30 New Zealand dollar as discount’
  • Spaceships Dollars can be used between 1 September 2020 and 31 December 2025, so plenty of time to go for that amazing New Zealand road trip.
  • Spaceships Dollars can be gifted to a friend, family member, colleague or…. It can be transferred and used by someone else. No worries.
  • Spaceships Dollars can only be used as a discount on Spaceships New Zealand products and services. It just can’t be exchanged for money, it’s a non-refundable prepaid discount on your future road trip.

What is the best gift card to give?

The best gift card is a personal decision. It depends on what kind of person you are or what kind of person the receiver is. If you love to travel and want to explore more of New Zealand, Spaceships Dollars is the best gift card there is. There is nothing more fun & flexible than exploring New Zealand by campervan.

Spaceships Dollars is the only gift card in New Zealand that you can exchange for a discount on your #spaceshipsroadtrip. You decide how many Spaceships Dollars you buy and when you want to use them. As a thank you for pre-paying (part of) your road trip, we give you 30% more when you use your Spaceships Dollars.

What types of gift cards are there?

There are so many gift cards available in New Zealand. Almost every shop and every shopping mall offer a gift card. But that means you are locked in. The expiration date is often short. You’ll only get the amount of the gift card when spending it, there’s no bonus. And there isn’t really a gift card for travellers.

That why we have launched Spaceships Dollars, a better gift card for travellers that always offers 30% more when you use it. And you can use it anytime between September 2020 and December 2025.


Can I buy my gift cards online?

Most gift cards in New Zealand are these plastic credit card-like cards. Bad for the environment. We need to reduce plastic waste worldwide, so why buy a plastic gift card? Go for a digital gift card like Spaceships Dollars.

Spaceships Dollars is even better than a gift card and it is perfect for travellers. Anyone, no matter where you are in the world, can purchase Spaceships Dollars online. It is the best and most profitable way to pre-pay your New Zealand road trip and get 30% extra in return. 1 Spaceships Dollar is always worth 1.30 New Zealand dollar as a discount on your campervan road trip.

Supporting New Zealand tourism and NZ businesses

By pre-paying (part of) your New Zealand campervan road trip via Spaceships Dollars, you are supporting an iconic Kiwi tourism brand: Spaceships Rentals. And by using Spaceships Dollars to book your discount campervan road trip in New Zealand, you are helping New Zealand businesses as well. And the biggest advantage of all is that you have something amazing to look forward to, an amazing New Zealand road trip!

Therefore, we truly believe that Spaceships Dollars is better than a gift card for travellers. Buy your Spaceships Dollars now (1 SPD = 1NZ$) and use it as a discount on your campervan road trip later, then you’ll get 1.30 NZ Dollar discount in return for each Spaceships Dollar.

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