Free cancellation makes it a true worry-free booking

Posted on 08/08/2019 by Spaceships Crew

Travelling halfway across the planet to explore a new country can be scary. To make your life as easy as possible and to remove any stress or worries, we have created a campervan booking process that will make you feel relaxed again. Free cancellation is now a fact! It'll make planning your road trip a whole lot easier.

Spaceships crew members are travellers just like you. We understand that plans can change and that being flexible is super important. Therefore, we added all kinds of awesome features to our campervan booking process, making our booking process the most worry-free campervan booking process you have ever seen!

Free cancellation

Yes, that is correct. You can book your campervan online at the best rates (guaranteed) and cancel your booking free of charge if your plans change. Free cancellation can be done within 7 days of making the booking (from the date on your booking confirmation). Simply use the cancellation request form to cancel your booking. How easy is that?

Update your booking free of charge

If your travel plans change, you can update your booking free of charge. Just let us know and we’ll change your travel dates (subject to availability). No need to cancel your booking… Although if due to circumstances you must cancel your booking, it can be done free of charge within 7 days of making the booking (from the date on your booking confirmation).

Kumara Spaceships tadaaaa

Tadaaaa... Booking a Spaceships just got easier than ever with free cancellation

Manage your booking

Our Online Check-in System is the online gateway to your booking. It’s like the Stargate, you step into it and you are transported to a portal that is tailor-made for you. It’s your booking and you can make lots of changes yourself.

For example, add an additional driver (free of charge as well) or add accessories to your booking. All optional accessories are listed in the Check-in Portal and you can select or deselect the ones you would like to add or remove.

Choose from specific summer accessories to keep you cool (like the popular Summer Pack) or winter accessories to keep you warm (like snow chains or the famous Winter Warmer Pack). Or go for accessories that are great to use year-round, like a GPS / SatNav or camping table and chairs.


How you know it’s a safe and clean campervan

We promise you it’ll be an awesome #spaceshipsroadtrip when you book a Spaceships campervan in New Zealand. All our vehicles go through rigorous safety & cleaning processes and checks. You can see for yourself on Our Promises page, where we have published all the checks a vehicle needs to pass before it can leave our depot.

Our in-house mechanics service each vehicle to the highest New Zealand standards, every 15,000 kilometres. Not just any Toyota Estima can call itself a Spaceship.

Lakeview relaxing

Spaceships come with heaps included... And you can add even more accessories yourself

Experience a Spaceships campervan before arrival

All vehicle specifications and features are listed on the vehicle pages. These pages also contain heaps of recent photos and awesome videos that will show you how to use your Spaceship. We highly recommend watching the video for your vehicle category before arriving at the depot.

  • How to use your Rocket (budget) campervan (see video)
  • How to use your Beta (standard) campervan (see video)
  • How to use your Beta 2S (premium) campervan (see video)
  • How to use your Dream Sleeper Mini (luxury) campervan (see video)

Of course, you’ll get an extensive show-around at our depot when picking up during opening hours (more details about the Auckland and Christchurch opening hours).

After-hours is a free service

Is your flight scheduled to arrive late or super early? No worries, you can pick up your Spaceships campervan at any time of the day or night. Picking up outside of opening hours is another free service at Spaceships. This means you can pick up your campervan 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Simply select ‘early after-hours’ (between midnight and 8am) or ‘after-hours’ (between 5pm and midnight) when booking your campervan online and follow all steps of the Online Check-in as soon as your booking is confirmed.

No need to shop around: the best deals are here

Booking online is the easiest and best option as our supercomputer will apply any discount that is active during your travel dates automatically. You’ll always book the best deal online. No worries. Our Price Match Guarantee will make sure you have booked it at the best available price at the time of booking. No need to go to other websites to find a better deal. Spaceships is the only website that displays the most up-to-date availability info and has the most accurate prices for Spaceships campervans.

Not happy with your booking? You can upgrade your campervan or change your travel dates before arrival (subject to availability). You can even cancel it for free within 7 days of making the booking (from the date on your booking confirmation). Although we can’t imagine not being happy with your booking. Have a look at what fellow travellers have said about their Spaceships road trip. Or check out the awesome road trip photos they’ve published.

Become a Space Traveller: less stress, more fun

Don’t just go for any road trip in New Zealand, go for a #spaceshipsroadtrip… It’s backed by a Price Match Guarantee and you’ll have free cancellation when you book online on our site. That’s what we call worry-free booking of your campervan.

We also give you access to the best discounts and deals on popular New Zealand activities and tours. Check out our free online travel guide, see the activity deals & discounts and start planning that once-in-lifetime road trip.

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