Glamping in New Zealand: luxury freedom in amazing places

Posted on 05/03/2018 by Spaceships Crew

New Zealand is the perfect place to go camping. Our roads are easy to drive onto and they lead you to the most amazing sights in the world. Going glamping in New Zealand will take this experience to a whole new level.

What is glamping?

Glamping is a combination of ‘glamour’ and ‘camping’. It’s the luxury version of camping. You don’t have to go to a boring hotel for a luxurious experience. Glamping in a luxury campervan is perfect for people who love to enjoy the outdoors, yet with a higher level of comfort. It's camping 2.0

Glamping in New Zealand is considered to be top of the line. It combines the fantastic scenery of this amazing country with a more luxurious lifestyle. And with Spaceships, you can see it all from the comfort of your luxurious and easy to drive campervan.


Glamping in New Zealand with Dream Sleeper campervan

First class view form your luxury glamping campervan


How to go glamping in New Zealand

Spaceships campervan hire is all about travelling in the most flexible way. It’s complete freedom. You can create your perfect self-drive holiday with our award-winning customised campervans.

Our campervans cater to various types of travellers. It’s not just backpackers that travel on a Spaceship. Our new range of luxurious campervans has everything you’ll need for the ultimate glamping trip in New Zealand.


Dream Sleeper Mini: luxury compact campervan

Our Dream Sleeper Mini will bring you to places big motorhomes can’t. It’s a step up from a regular campervan and still cheaper than a motorhome. It’ll make your glamping trip in New Zealand a breeze. And you'll save money as they are fuel-efficient vehicles.

The Dream Sleeper drives like a normal car but has luxurious features you typically only find in a motorhome. This luxury campervan comes with all this included:

  • Double bed: 185cm length x 140cm wide
  • Quality cotton sheets
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Fridge / Freezer: 41 Litres
  • Kettle, cutlery and crockery
  • Dual burner extendable gas cooker
  • ...and more, much more.
Dream Sleeper Mini luxury sleeping

Enjoy first-class views from your comfy bed

Make sure to have a look at all features and specifications of the Dream Sleeper Mini, our compact luxury campervan.

Advantages of glamping in a luxury campervan

The biggest advantage of travelling through New Zealand with the Dream Sleeper Mini is that you’re flexible. You'll be able to see more and do more as it's a self-drive holiday. You can see all the amazing sights New Zealand has to offer.

We’ll help you on your way with our travel tips and free NZ Frenzy travel guidebooks. These NZ Frenzy guidebooks are the best way to discover New Zealand like a local. They contain heaps of tips and places that other travel guidebooks don’t mention. Discover the best spots in New Zealand on your glamping NZ trip.

Have a look at all the free stuff that’s included with every Spaceships campervan, also with the luxury campervans for glamping.

Photo gallery: glamping in New Zealand

Dream Sleeper's covered kitchen - tea time

Dream Sleeper Mini kitchen for covered cooking

Dream Sleeper Mini campervan lakeside glamping

Your luxury campervan goes where motorhomes can't go. See more of New Zealand

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