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09 February, 2022 - Updated Last updated on
10 February, 2022

Posted by Marty | Spaceships Crew

Picking up a Spaceships campervan is a super easy process. We recently applied some more hacks (“hack the planet!”) to make the process even simpler and lots more fun. Here’s everything you need to know about the process of picking up your campervan at our New Zealand depots.

“Do. Or do not. There is no try”, the wise words of Yoda have been applied to all our systems and processes. We don’t even want to call them processes as that sounds like something the average, boring car rentals company would use. Spaceships is different… In case you haven’t noticed, we are fond of doing things differently (aka better). Everything we do revolves around making your roadtripping life easier and more fun. And it all starts with picking up your campervan.

Check out the latest info about our contactless pick-up process at level 2 or 1 (post-COVID-19 info).

1. What to bring to our depot?

You don’t need to bring much to our New Zealand depots when you’re going to pick up your campervan. All we need to see is your driving licence, so we can see that the smiling face in front of you is really you… And to see that you are at least 18 years of age and are qualified to drive a Spaceship. Yes, you’ve uploaded a copy of your driving licence into our Online Check-in Portal, but we just need to double-check it and see your driving licence in real-life.

Please bring an International Driving Licence or Official Translation if your driving licence isn’t in English. You can get an NZTA approved translation online. See for more info about using your local driving licence in New Zealand.

Picking up your campervan at the Spaceships depot

It's road trip time. Picking up your campervan at the Spaceships depot is easy.

2. Paperless is happening now

No need to print your booking confirmation or anything else. All the info is in our super-intelligent systems, so no trees were harmed in creating your rental contract. 2019 is the year of going fully paperless for us. Of course, we can still print you a copy of the rental agreement, but we can also email the signed version to you. Just let our friendly crew at the front desk know if you prefer the digital (PDF) version or an oldskool paper version.

Depot front desk picking up your campervan

Our crew will explain the contract, campervan features and more. You can ask 'em anything about travelling and camping in New Zealand.

2a. Picking up a campervan at level 2 or 1 (COVID update)

Spaceships Rentals, a New Zealand owned and operated campervan rental company, has been at the forefront of the digital revolution. All our processes, from booking your campervan to the online check-in process, are fully digital. We process and store your details safe and secure (we only ask for the minimum info needed to fulfil your booking). In the post-COVID social distancing society of level 2 and 1, we have improved our digital services even further.

All pick-ups and drop-off are fully contactless, according to our after-hours process. Your campervan will be waiting for you, you will receive an email with the pick-up instructions and in which lockbox to find the key. Our depots are open but some items described below are temporarily not accessible, like the lounge area. Free wifi is always ready to be used.

We recommend to do the following before arriving at the depot:

  1. Please complete the online check-in process in full. You can add extra accessories via the online check-in and manage your booking.
  2. Please pay your booking in full one day before the scheduled day of pick-up. When you log in to our payment portal you will see the remaining balance and how to pay it. It's easy, safe and secure.
  3. Check your inbox (or spam folder) for the pick-up instructions, which will be sent 1 day before your scheduled pick-up at the latest!

Contactless or after-hours pick-up means that you can arrive at any time at the depot (no matter how early or how late), as long as it is on the scheduled day of pick-up. No staff member will be on-site.

Personal assistance or show-around during opening hours. Staff members are able to assist via telephone, email or online chat during business hours. If you require personal assistance on pick up or drop off this can be arranged Monday to Friday, between 9 am and 4 pm (appointments are necessary).
Please contact our friendly customer service team to arrange this free service. 

Feel free to continue to read this blog post about picking up your campervan. Just keep in mind that some processes or items are different or not available as long as New Zealand is on a specific COVID-19 alert level.

3. Need more accessories?

As soon as you have booked your Spaceships campervan, you'll have access to our awesome and secure Online Check-In system to manage your booking. By using your booking number and last name you can log into that system 24/7 to update your details, add an additional driver (another free service at Spaceships) or to add or remove accessories. Only our Online Check-in Portal has the full list of all optional accessories (there are just too many accessories to list ‘em all on the booking page).

Did we mention that you can come back to the Online Check-in system at any time (up until the day of pick-up) to make changes? That system is like a game without an end-boss, there’s no end-level to complete. Therefore, we don’t send a confirmation from the Check-In. It’s either done or it isn’t. And if you haven’t completed the Online Check-In, you can even do it at the depot. We have some cool touchscreen Check-In computers for you to use. But we recommend doing the check-in before arrival as it will speed up the process on the day of pick-up. Then you'll have more time for the other fun stuff at our depot. Keep on reading.

4. Plan your road trip or fine-tune it

To make your road trip life as easy as possible, we will supply you with a free camping app and free NZ Frenzy guidebooks (the best way to get off the beaten path in New Zealand). You will receive an email a few days to a week after booking your Spaceships campervan online.

But there is more… We also have a free road trip planner tool for you. The Spaceships Road Trip Tool is the easiest way to plan your New Zealand trip. You simply add all the things you want to do and see to your personal road trip calendar and when things change, it’s just a matter of dragging and dropping to update your travel plans. Create your free account and start planning your New Zealand trip.

You can even add and book popular New Zealand activities online and there are often extra discounts & deals up for grabs on must-do activities and tours. Book ‘em in today as must of these are flexible, open-date vouches that can be used at a later time.

Checking in & booking activities at the Spaceships depot

Check-in at the depot and use the sytem to plan or tweak your trip: book accommodation, activities and more

5. Leaving the depot: ready for lift-off?

Before we will hand you the keys of your Spaceship, a crew member will do a show-around to show you all the features of the specific campervan category. You can see an online version yourself as we have how-to-use-your-Spaceship-video online for each category:

  • Rocket video to see how to use the features of the budget model campervan
  • Beta video shows you all features of the standard model campervan
  • Beta 2S video about how to use the features of the premium model campervan (also for the Beta 2S Stealth)
  • Beta 4-berth video to see all features of the family campervan and how to use them
  • Dream Sleeper Mini video will show you all features of the luxury campervan (also for the Dream Sleeper Mini Stealth)

It's a great way to prepare yourself for the upcoming road trip. At the depot, our crew will demonstrate the features as well and you can ask 'em anything you like about the campervan or travelling & camping in New Zealand. We're always happy to help.

If you will be travelling on Standard or Partial Insurance our crew will do a damage check as well. The same check will be done when you return, so we can see exactly if the vehicle has been returned in the same condition. Only on All-Inclusive Insurance, there is no damage check and no bond or excess to be frozen on your card? Why? It’s all covered by the All-Inclusive Insurance policy… There are some exclusions, but that’s only when dangerous driving or illegal things have happened (more info about the insurance exclusions).

6. No rush: sit back and relax

Picking up a campervan is different from buying groceries at a supermarket. We don’t expect you to leave straight away. Consider our depots to be your living room. Stay longer to plan or finetune your trip as soon as you have received the keys. Drop in to relax or for a chat when you’re in the area on your way to your next destination. Our friendly crew is always happy to see you and can answer any question you might have.

If you’re not in the area, we’re only a free phone call away: 0800 772 237 (do not add the country code, just type or dial the 0800 number from a pay-phone or your mobile) or use online chat on our website. Please contact us if there’s anything we can do to make your trip more enjoyable or if there’s a question about your campervan.

Relaxing at the Spaceships depot

These beanbags are soooo comfy. Sit back and relax at the Spaceships depot.

7. Enjoy the freebies

Fun at the Spaceships depot

Play a classic arcade game and try to beat the highscore

There’s a reason why it’s so much fun to stay a bit longer at our New Zealand depots (or to drop in again at a later time)… Of course, it’s our fun & friendly crew but there are more reasons.

  • Enjoy the free barista-style coffee. Whether you go for a short black (espresso), flat white or cappuccino, they’re all super tasty and free. Paper cups are available, but it’s, of course, better to use your own multi-purpose travel coffee cup.
  • Use our free WiFi to download apps, update your phone or to book activities, accommodation or flights (we even have an awesome website where you can book it all at the best price available in the market)
  • Play classic arcade games for free. Yes, the arcade machine you see as you enter our Auckland or Christchurch depot is free to play. Choose from classics like Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, 1942 or Galaga and see if you can beat the high scores fellow Space Travellers and our crew have set.
  • Book activities, accommodation or flights on our awesome touchscreen travel & check-in computers. Our easy to use travel & road trip planner is always ready for you, even at the depot. Just sit back and plan or tweak your trip. You can even ask our crew for tips and advice.

You’re always welcome to stay a bit longer at our depots, during opening hours which is from 8am to 5pm in the summer season (from 30 September 2019 onwards).

Our winter opening hours are different: see the opening hours in Auckland and the opening hours of the Christchurch depot. You’re always welcome to drop in during opening hours, also in winter. No worries.

Unfortunately, you cannot camp inside or outside the depots. You’ll need to go to a motel or campsite nearby for a good night’s sleep. Book accommodation close to our depots now, we have some great deals online.

That’s how we roll: picking up your campervan made easy

Picking up a campervan shouldn’t be as boring as picking up a rental car… And that’s why we turned it into a relaxing and fun process (yes we can use that word now, as we just gave it a fun meaning). If you do have suggestions to tweak or hack this even further, please let us know. Our crew is always interested in hearing about things you think we should add to make picking up your campervan even easier or more fun. We’ll see you soon at one our New Zealand depots.

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