Two new stars have arrived in the Spaceships Universe

Posted on 06/10/2019 by Spaceships Crew

The universe is an ever-expanding entity… The same goes for the Spaceships Universe. We’re happy to announce the addition of two new Spaceships campervan categories to the Spaceships New Zealand fleet.

In the current Spaceships campervan fleet line-up there’s a campervan for every traveller:

  • The Rocket campervan is our budget model but has lots more included for free (like all cooking & sleeping gear) than other budget campervans in New Zealand. The only things it doesn’t have are a fridge/freezer and USB ports, but it does come with a chilly bin to keep your food & drinks cool.
  • The Beta campervan offers the same advantages as the Rocket (it can seat 4, sleep 2 travellers), but this standard model does have a fridge/freezer included.
  • The Beta 2S premium campervan offers more interior space than the previous two models as it doesn’t have a backseat. And it comes with a fridge/freezer and USB ports.
  • The Dream Sleeper Mini is the most luxurious campervan in the Spaceships fleet. It comes with a completely different set-up, a fully equipped kitchen (with sink, running cold water and a bigger fridge/freezer). It also has the most USB ports (4 in total) and comes with a modern dashboard system with an awesome stereo, Bluetooth, SatNav/GPS and rearview camera integrated. And of course, the famous and super easy to use mosquito nets.
  • Beta 4-berth (rooftop tent) campervan, which is the only campervan in the Spaceships fleet that can sleep 4 people (2 inside the vehicle and 2 in the rooftop tent on top of the campervan). It also can be fitted with 2 child or baby seats, making it the perfect campervan for a family.

A great selection of campervans. Except, there was one thing missing. Various customers have asked us how to be able to blend in even more when roadtripping in New Zealand. Being able to travel more like a local instead of being a tourist was high on everyone’s wishlist.

And we’ve done it… Two Spaceships Stealth campervan categories have been added to the fleet.


Spaceships is going naked with Stealth campervans

When blending in is a priority aka unable to be detected by radar, Stealth jet planes like the F-22 Raptor (Lockheed Martin) are the best example. Our design geeks used that as inspiration for our version of the Stealth campervan models.

We took the youngest models and lowest mileage models of the Beta 2S (premium) and the Dream Sleeper Mini (luxury) campervans and removed all stickers, logos and branding. They are completely clear-skin aka a blank canvas. They look like a regular car or MPV, but they still have all the magic of a Spaceships campervan inside. Don’t be fooled, the Stealth models are still easy to use, fun-loving compact campervans. Except there are no logos or stickers to be found.

Dream Sleeper Mini Stealth (luxury) campervan

Just like its sibling Dream Sleeper Mini, the Dream Sleeper Mini Stealth is the most luxurious campervan in the Spaceships fleet. It has the same awesome features as the stickered Dream Sleeper Mini and yet the Dream Sleeper Mini Stealth is different.

  • Luxury campervan for 2 Space Travellers, it can seat and sleep 2 people
  • A fully equipped kitchen at the back with a real sink and a bigger fridge than any other Spaceships campervan
  • No stickers and no logos on the campervan
  • The Dream Sleeper Mini Stealth models are the Benjamins of the Spaceships family, so they have the lowest mileage. Guaranteed!

Have a look at all specifications & features of the Dream Sleeper Mini Stealth (luxury).

Dream Sleeper Mini Stealth mountain view

Dream Sleeper Mini Stealth: luxury campervan without any stickers or logos

Beta 2S Stealth (premium) campervan

The same goes for the Beta 2S Stealth campervan, it has the exact same features as the premium campervan (Beta 2S), except it comes in one, subtle colour (grey, white or black).

  • Premium campervan that can seat & sleep 2 people
  • Lots of space inside as there's no backseat
  • No stickers and no logos on the campervan
  • The Beta 2S Stealth models are the Benjamins of the Spaceships family, so they have the lowest mileage. Guaranteed!

Check out the specifications and features of the Beta 2S Stealth (premium) campervan.

Beta 2S Stealth amazing view

Beta 2S Stealth: premium campervan without logos or stickers

Why travel by Stealth campervan?

The biggest advantage of the Beta 2S Stealth (premium) and Dream Sleeper Mini (luxury) campervan is that no one can see that you are a tourist. You’ll be driving a single coloured (subtle) car. No bright colours and no stickers or logos. That’s going undercover in New Zealand.

Other advantages are that the Stealth vehicles are the youngest ones in the Spaceships fleet, with the lowest mileage. Although, keep in mind that maintenance and taking care of the vehicle is the most important thing. Our in-house team of mechanics treats all Spaceships campervans equal. All Spaceships campervans are serviced to the highest New Zealand standards every 15,000km. Also, all Spaceships campervans come with the same Spaceships promises: we’ll take care of you on your road trip. No worries.

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