Upgrade your rental car experience: get a hire car with more features included for free

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It's easy to upgrade to a better rental car

✓ Hire a Spaceships car

✓ Unlimited kilometres

✓ Cooking kit for picnics

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Book a hire car with more features included for FREE

Why hire a regular car when you can hire a Spaceships car with more included for free?

✓ Unlimited kilometres & no hidden costs

✓ Cooking kit included, perfect for picnics along the way

✓ Free table & chairs and a free fuel voucher* on some models (Urban Explorer)

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✓ Unlimited kilometres ✓ Free to make changes  ✓ Cooking gear is included ✓ No fee for one-way trips ✓ It's free to add additional driver(s)  ✓ No hidden fees at all

The low price you see is the price you'll pay

* free $50 fuel voucher will be added automatically when you book Urban Explorer for 10+ days.

Urban Explorer: 2 seater car

Rental car with better features and more included for free.

No logos (unbranded)
Modern stereo + GPS/SatNav
Cooking kit for picnics along the way
Fridge/freezer (41 litres)
Water tank (20 litres)
+ Free table & chairs
+ Free $50 fuel voucher when you book it for 10 days or more

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Get more info: features & specifications

Transporter 5-seater people mover (car)

Seats up to 5 people
Suitable to fit 2 child/baby seats
Stereo with Bluetooth or AUX input
Water tank (10 litres)
Fridge/freezer (15 litres)
Cooking kit for picnics along the way

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Get more info: features & specifications

It's easy to get a better rental car experience

Who doesn’t like to get an upgrade or to get a better experience for the same or lower price? When you are looking for a hire car in New Zealand, there are so many options. A lot of companies to compare and each company has a lot of different car models to choose from.

However, there is one thing that most of these car rental companies and their wide range of rental car models have in common: they are lacking features and freebies. Even if they offer these extra features, you’ll have to pay for them.

But it can be done differently. Spaceships Rentals, a New Zealand owned and operated rental company, offers more when it comes to rental cars. Our Urban Explorer and Transporter are hire cars that come with more included for free:

✓ Cooking gear so you can go for a picnic along the way. Cooking gear consists of gas cooker and all the tools needed to make a simple yet delicious meal: pans, plates, cutlery and more.

✓ A fridge to keep your snacks & drinks cold. Enjoy local cheeses or regional delicacies on your NZ road trip.

✓ Unlimited kilometres so you can explore New Zealand your way. There will be no surprises when you drop off the car as you can drive as many kilometres as you like. It is all included in the low rental price.

Advantages of these upgraded rental cars

There are more advantages why it is better to hire a car from Spaceships.

✓ There is no fee for one-way trips, making it easy to pick up in Auckland and drop off in Christchurch or the other way around.

✓ No fee for after-hours or weekend pick-ups. You can pick up your car any time of the day, the price will stay the same. Our pick-up and drop-off processes are fully automated so no need for a staff member to be around. Come whenever you like, as long as it is on the scheduled day of pick-up.

 No hidden costs at all. The low price you see is the price you’ll pay. Easy as.

It isn’t just a hire car you’re booking, it’ll be a rental car plus, more than just a regular rental car. Check out the low prices and see why these cars are the best option for any road trip in New Zealand. You’ll also see the most up-to-date availability info, so you can make your booking online as that will give you the best deal. Guaranteed.

Hire a Spaceships car in Auckland

You can hire a Spaceships car in Auckland and pick it up 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our Auckland depot is conveniently located in Penrose, between the CBD and Auckland airport. It’s about a 15 to 20 minutes car ride to get there. We can even help you with the transfer.

Car rental close to Christchurch airport

The Spaceships depot in Christchurch is located on the car hire strip, next to the airport just like all the other rental companies. It’s 1.9 km from the arrivals hall of the airport to our depot. And of course, we can help with the transfer as well. See for more info.

Finding accommodation on your car road trip

When booking your Spaceships hire car, you can add special accommodation vouchers. These vouchers will give you a great deal on private en suite rooms at YHA New Zealand. See for more info.

Or use our road trip apps to find great deals on accommodation in New Zealand, which can be booked via the app as well.

Flexible booking options for your hire car

As Space Travellers, we are aware that plans can change, especially in the weird and uncertain times we are living in at the moment. You can rest assured that when booking your car online on the official Spaceships website (this one) you will be getting all the flexibility you need.

Our promises that guarantee you can book a campervan with confidence also apply to the latest additions to the New Zealand fleet, our space cars aka Urban Explorer and Transporter. That means that you can always change your travel dates before the day of pick-up free of charge.

We never charge any change fee. And you’ll never use the low deposit that is needed to make a rental car reservation. Just 10% to lock it in, while the remaining 90% can be paid a few days before the day of pick up. You won’t lose your deposit. It's all part of our promises.

This is why the Beta Dog-Friendly is perfect for you

✓ The price you see is the price you'll pay. We don't charge a fee when you bring your dog.

✓ You can pick up the dog-friendly campervan 24 hours a day. Our process is contactless. You don't have to be at the depot at a specific time, as long as you pick up the campervan on the scheduled day of pick-up.

✓ Optional accessories available to customise your dog-friendly campervan even more

✓ All cooking gear is included: pots, pans, utensils, cutlery and more

✓ Comfy bed for a good night's sleep

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See specifications of Beta Dog-Friendly campervan

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