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The Spaceships Community is your gateway to exclusive benefits that will take your New Zealand road trip to the next level. You will receive emails (twice a month max, no spam promised!) about:

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We can't tell you exactly what kind of deals we'll be adding each month, but trust us it'll be amazing. How about a special deal on a must-do activity like a bungy jump? Or a certain percentage of a scenic helicopter flight? Or skydiving at a fat discount? It'll happen. The details will be revealed when the time is ready. Just make sure you have signed up.

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Want to see more of the real New Zealand? Want to get away from the standard itinerary that all tourists are doing? We'll add lots of awesome and off-the-beaten path routes and itineraries to the Space Traveller system. Just make sure you are in the loop. Signing up is free.

Things to do and see

Roadtripping in New Zealand is so much fun... But you'll need to stop every once in a while to enjoy the amazing scenery or do some amazing must-do activities. No worries, there are also activities in NZ for everyone, not just for the thrillseekers. There are so many hiking trails in this beautiful country. Selecting which track to do can be quite a task. We'll make it easier for you if you join the Space Travellers community for free.

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