Cheap campervan hire New Zealand: low price & more quality features included

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Cheap campervan hire New Zealand

✓ Backpacker campervan

✓ Low rates, low excess

✓ Heaps included

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Budget campervans with more included for free

✓ All sleeping & cooking gear included

✓ Anyone 18 years and over with valid driving licence can hire one

✓ Same low rates, same low excess for everyone, also for young drivers

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Perfect backpacker campervan: Rocket budget campervan

The budget option in the Spaceships fleet that includes more for free than other budget campervans in New Zealand.

✓ Seats 4 travellers: share the cost of travel

✓ Sleeps 2: comfy inside (sleeping gear is included)

✓ Cooking gear included

The low price you see is the price you'll pay

No hidden fees, no extra fees for one-way or young drivers! It's the same low rate for everyone.

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See the Rocket budget campervan in action

The Rocket budget campervan comes with mattress, duvet, pillow, fitted and flat sheet, all cooking gear (from the gas burner to pans and plates), chilly bin (icebox) to keep food cool, storage area and a rear awning for extra ventilation while extending the bed outward.

You can charge your devices via the cigarette lighter socket (bring your own plug). Watch the video and see how this cheap campervan comes with everything you need for an amazing road trip in New Zealand!

The Rocket budget campervan offers more than other cheap campervans!

Cheap campervan with more quality features

The Rocket (budget) campervan is the cheapest campervan in the Spaceships fleet. Although the price is low it doesn't compromise on quality. Bedding, linen, pots, pans and everything you need to cook a tasty meal and to have a good night's sleep is included in that low price.

That's why so many backpackers and budget-conscious travellers go for the Rocket campervan when exploring New Zealand. The Rocket NZ backpacker campervan will show you all the amazing scenery and places New Zealand has to offer.

And as always, you'll get free guidebooks and a free travel app with your booking. Book your Rocket online to get the best price. Guaranteed. All Spaceships campervans come with a Price Match Guarantee.

You'll have a great road trip in the Rocket campervan. Promised.

The cheapest campervan that comes with more included. The Spaceships Rocket is the perfect NZ backpacker campervan.

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