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Do something new, New Zealand.... And to make it easier & cheaper to do more new things, we're introducing FREE DAYS.

✓ Book 10 days, pay only 9 days! Book 20 days, pay only 18 days! Book 30 days, pay only... etc.

✓ Valid on travel dates between 14 July 2020 and 14 October 2020

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Free days will be applied automatically. And they can be combined with other deals!

Of course, you'll get all the other freebies as well: ✓ free changes before pick-up (subject to availability) ✓ standard insurance with 3rd party cover ✓ automatic transmission ✓ sleeping & cooking gear included ✓ 24-hour roadside assistance  ✓ free camping app & travel guides

No hidden fees! The price you see is the price you'll pay!

“Sometimes the most scenic roads in life are the detours you didn't mean to take.”

- Angela N. Blount

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