Make the weekend extra special this year: go for a romantic getaway

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Make it an extra special weekend

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Do something different... Go for a weekend getaway

With prices this low and discounts live, it is easy and cheap to go for a (long) weekend getaway. Leave day-to-day life behind on Friday and enjoy nature for a full weekend. Spend the weekend together... Enjoying amazing sunsets.... And each other's company of course.

Get 20% off when you hire a campervan for a weekend (3 days* or more)

✓ All campervans at all locations discounted.

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* there are times in the year when the minimum hire is 5 days, for example around Easter.

"There is no instinct like that of the heart."

- Lord Byron

Reasons to go for a (long) weekend getaway

Be together

Get away from it all

Enjoy nature together

Have fun.... Do crazy things!

Experience the outdoor life the easy way. No tent to set up, your campervan is ready to go (incl. cooking & sleeping gear)

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Explore NZ's amazing scenery together!













Terms & Conditions of this deal

  • Minimum hire is 3 days, but 5 days around Public Holidays
  • Discount applies to all dates in 2021, so you can prebook lots of weekend getaways in advance at this discounted price.
  • Free table & chairs only added when travel dates are between 1 and 28 February 2021
  • Get and online quote and send via email to lock in a price/deal
  • Online booking site will give you the lowest possible price available. Guaranteed!
  • Discount & freebie available until 28 February 2021, unless sold out prior


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