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Auckland Christchurch
Auckland Christchurch

Campervan honeymoon New Zealand

Start your new lives together in one of the most romantic countries in the word. 

New Zealand is now ranked as one of the top destinations in the world to honeymoon in. Hire a Spaceship and fill your honeymoon with a lasting and memorable experience.



A Spaceship is an affordable upgrade from an ordinary car, custom designed with innovative features that enable you the freedom to explore dramatic alpine landscapes, quiet pristine beaches, tranquil lakes, stunning vineyards, and lot's more. Seclusion or excitement, relaxation or adventure, a Spaceship really is an all in one solution for your campervan honeymoon in New Zealand.


A Spaceship is just like a good car to drive but with the added advantage of having some innovative features that enable you to camp in the vehicle too.

Like a car to drive:

A Spaceship drives just like a good car, you get the same fuel economy, same price on the ferry crossing between the North and South Islands if applicable and it is easy to park, maneuver in built up areas and handles really well on the open roads (and does not hold up traffic)


Features of our camper:

The below features add flexibility for you to experience some of the amazing scenery New Zealand has to offer:


-       Full size comfy double bed which can be set up inside or extended out the back into a rear awning         for 30% more space and ventilation

-       Dual burner cooker with a free gas can

-       Lockable storage

-       Fridge

-       Dual batter system that self charges as you drive

-       iPod cord, CD player, radio and DVD player

-       Bedding – fitted sheets, top sheet, duvet and two pillows

-       Cutlery and crockery for four

A Spaceship offers you the ultimate campervan honeymoon in a compact, great value camper that enables you the freedom to have a night or two camping or stay in romantic, boutique hotels, honeymoon lodges, or share indulgent spa treatments, taste exceptional food and wine, or retire to the privacy of your honeymoon suite.


If you want to upgrade – after all it is your honeymoon! We recommend booking one of our latest vehicles the Beta 2S. Check them out here

To get an idea about what you could do while in New Zealand on your campervan honeymoon
have a look at our suggested itineraries.

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