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Environmental info

Looking after New Zealand whilst on the road

The Spaceships team cares about the environment and sustaining our beautiful country. Please read and take note of the recommendations so we can keep New Zealand clean and green. We strongly recommend you do not free camp whilst in New Zealand. We are very proud of our small island destination and we need you to look after it as you travel.

“The Department of Conservation (DOC) manages over 250 vehicle accessible camping areas on conservation land throughout New Zealand for you to enjoy. Many are found in the types of scenic natural settings which you are here to see and New Zealand is renowned for. From lush forest to lake shores and sandy or pebbled beaches there is a wide variety of campsite settings in the sorts of places you love to visit.”

Conservation campsites North Island (PDF)
Conservation campsites South Island (PDF)


General environmental info

“A growing number of people enjoy outdoor recreation. Many of us like to visit our rural, backcountry, coastal and road-end areas. With this rise in use has come an increasing impact on the natural environment. Damaged plants, unsightly rubbish, eroding short cuts, polluted water, and deteriorating facilities are now more common.Fortunately, along with the increase in the number of visitors, a more sensitive attitude to the environment is developing. Many picnickers, trampers, hunters, walkers, campers and other visitors to our natural areas realise that we must adopt a more caring attitude to the environment.To help protect our natural environment, please follow these guidelines on your visit.”

Environmental Care code
NZ Ecowise travel (PDF)
Didymo(External Link)

There is information on the DOC grounds and the environmental care code provided for you in your Spaceship.


Native Tree Planting

When launching in 2004 we knew we had to find a way to help offset the emissions caused from vehicle usage - and so we started a Native Tree project in Akaroa. Check out our progress. 

Find out about our Native Tree Planting


Freedom Camping 

Information and regional policies on free camping in New Zealand. 

Freedom Camping



Along with NZ's top toilets we have further information on toilets throughout New Zealand.



Recycling Drop-off Points

A list of places throughout NZ to recycle your litter.

Recycling Points


Trading Box

Leave the stuff you don't want to take home with you in our trading box for other travellers to use!

Trading Box


Ten ways to drive greener

Learn how you can save fuel and reduce emissions while you drive your Spaceship.

Drive greener


Cell phone recycling

If you bought yourself a cell phone in New Zealand and don't want to take it back home, you can give it to us and we will pass it on to Vodafone. They give the phones to entrepreneurs in developing countries or recycle them if they cannot be used otherwise.

Cell phone recycling



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