10 ways to drive greener

Ten ways to save fuel and reduce emissions

1. Drive smoothly
When driving in built up areas be gentle on the accelerator. Accelerate and brake slowly and smoothly when taking off and stopping at traffic lights.

As you are in an automatic Spaceship let the transmission change up gears early by accelerating slowly and smoothly. Don't accelerate hard from a standing start, but let the car move away gently.

2. Look ahead
Be vigilant and try and predict what is going on ahead, maintain a safe distance when following which will enable a more constant speed.

If there are traffic lights or a stop sign approaching slow down earlier rather than brake later.

3. Corner smoothly
You are better to slow down before the corner and gently accelerate out of the corner. Once again keeping a more constant speed.

4. Make hills work for you
Ease off the accelerator as you go over the top of a hill and let the Spaceships momentum get you over. Use the 2 in the gear shift going down the hill. Releasing the accelerator when going down hill or stopping will help save fuel also. Do not ride the breaks.

5. Love your Spaceship!
We regularly service all Spaceships. Please check the tyre pressure as you travel as keeping this where it should be will be more economic for you while driving.

6. Watch your air con
Air-conditiong is great on a hot day but it does mean you could use up to 10% more fuel. The rear window demist will also be a drain. Best to make sure they are switched off unless you really need them.

7. Reduce idling time
Try not to park for long periods with your engine idling. Unless it is mid winter you do not need to warm the engine up. Slow running to start with will warm the engine.

8. Don't speed
Go slow and be safe. You are on holiday and there is no need to speed. Driving at 90km/h instead of 100km/h will save you around 12% on your fuel bill.

9. Hire a Beta 
The Beta Spaceships are the most fuel efficient Spaceships with the lowest footprint.

10. Plan your trip as much as possible
Planning your trip will mean fewer diversions along the way. Fifteen minutes of unnecessary driving in a 1-hour trip results in around a 14% decrease in fuel efficiency.

Drive safley whilst on the roads, follow the road rules and have fun exploring New Zealand.


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