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Blue Duck Conservation

Spaceships sponsors ten traps on Blue Duck Station each year to help control and reduce stoats, rats, mice and hedgehogs, which are all enemies of the Blue Duck as well as some other native species. The traps are reset around every two weeks by volunteers called 'eco-warriors'. You can see the traps on their website.

Blue Duck Station is located in the Ruapehu District on the banks of the Whanganui and Retaruke Rivers, and surrounded by Whanganui National Park. It has one of the highest concentrations of Blue Duck and kiwi in New Zealand not to mention wetas, native bats and fish. To help increase numbers of these and other native species we are improving their habitat by encouraging bush to regenerate, enhancing water quality and trapping predators. It is as recognition of this work that Blue Duck Station has been granted three Ballance Farm Environmental Awards and a Department of Conservation Services to conservation award.

We highly recommend experiencing Blue Duck Station. It is an incredible place that provides you with a rich mix of conservation, activities, remote bush, history and fun. Check out the Blue Duck website or talk to us and we can arrange a trip for you that will give you a real taste for some of the best New Zealand has to offer.


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