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Auckland Christchurch
Auckland Christchurch

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Tree Planting

Spaceships have an ongoing planting initiative in Akaroa (1 hour south-east of Christchurch) with over 48,000 trees and plants being planted over the last eight years. 

Throughout the research and development prior to Spaceships' launch our team were aware that building a fleet of rental vehicles would have an impact on the environment so it was decided by the Company's main shareholder to do our best to minimise our impact and balance out the carbon emissions of Spaceship hires. Three months after Spaceships opened their doors, we started putting together ideas for a large scale native planting scheme to take place in Akaroa.

Plants were researched and selected for their hardiness, quick growth rate and good seed rate so native birds would be attracted back to the area and help disperse the seeds. All the plants selected were endemic to Akaroa and locally sourced.

The aims of the project are to enhance the small pockets of native bush and establish new areas of native vegetation especially in the gullies and on land that is prone to erosion. We hope to achieve this through continuous year by year planting and re-fencing. This would help promote the native vegetative corridors needed for indigenous birds and fauna. In turn these birds will disperse seed helping with the revegetation process.

The creek above was also enhanced by forming ponds and waterways creating a natural wetland for birds and indigenous fish. This has given the public a peaceful backdrop to enjoy at the Childrens Bay car park area.

Ecologically appropriate plants adapted to different soil conditions depending on and robustness were chosen. They also needed to be endemic to the Akaroa district. Mainly quick growing tough species were chosen to compete with pasture, weeds and pests. Phormiums were also chosen for their abundance of nectar in the hope that the Tui may one day return to the peninsula and these will be a great food source for them.

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Planting and maintenance will continue to be a regular yearly cycle to achieve an area of ecological importance.


NEW public walking track and African animal sculptures

Recently we created a public walking track to link the towns of Akaroa and Takamatua together. The walk crosses private property but is available for anyone to experience. It is a great short walk with excellent views of the surrounding harbour. The track takes you past some sculptures of a family of Giraffe and a Rhino made from scrap metal. We encourage all Spaceships customers who visit Akaroa to do this short walk. 


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