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Snowboarding NZ tips

New Zealand is the perfect place for snowboarding. The epic terrain that is New Zealand will keep you busy during the winter season. And with our snowboarding NZ tips, you'll be prepared. Ready to have some fun?

Snowboarding NZ: where and when?

The New Zealand winter season runs from June to October, but it can vary slightly. However, on average the snowboard NZ season is about five months long. Plenty of time to have some fun in New Zealand snow.

New Zealand is blessed with both big and small fields offering snowboarders challenging terrain, a variety of culture and price. There is a great variety of snowboarding in New Zealand with ski fields in both the North and South Islands. As well as the smaller club fields there are larger more commercial fields accessible from Auckland and Christchurch. Check out the snow conditions at each of them.

However, the majority of the fields are in the South Island with only a couple in the North Island. There are more adventurous club fields scattered across the South Island. These are smaller but steeper fields with fewer people. There are some great fields tucked away in the Southern Alps ready for you to explore. Have a look at the list of all NZ ski fields.

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Getting to the ski fields

Snowboarding - NZ in winter

Getting ready for snowboarding in NZ

Snowboarding in NZ with a campervan rental from Spaceships is an excellent way to get around and visit as many ski fields as possible. Our rates are so low in winter that driving a Spaceships campervan is cheap as chips.

Why would you want to go for a rental car? With a Spaceship, you can cook lunch on the field, have a cold drink, listen to your favourite tunes! That's what snowboarding NZ is all about: play hard and kick back and relax afterwards.

It is an easy drive from one ski field to another in your campervan as it drives like a regular car. You can pick up your Spaceships campervan from Auckland, which will be a 4 hours drive to the nearest ski field. By picking up your campervan at our Christchurch depot, you'll be snowboarding in just 1.5 hours.

Save money with our winter deals

In winter, Spaceships are available with snow chains and roof racks (see all optional accessories). You'll never be without accommodation along the way. Just park at a campground and enjoy the beautiful New Zealand evenings and starry nights.

Check out the super low rates in winter and see for yourself how cheap your road trip can be.

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