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Auckland Christchurch

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Surfing New Zealand

Surfing New Zealand with a campervan rental from Spaceships is a great way to explore the rugged coastline. There is surf year round with some big waves through the winter months. There is a great variety of surfing in New Zealand with around 6,000km of coastline there is always a wave somewhere. Check out information on surf reports from our mates at

Many beaches have easy access and with New Zealand being so compact it is an easy drive across from one coast to the other in your campervan rental.

Surfing New Zealand’s North Island during December to March, the water is pretty warm and a wetsuit may not be required. Surfing New Zealand’s South Island is a bit colder and a wet suit is normally required year round.

There are some stunning beaches on both the East and West coast. White sands on the east and some more rugged and exposed beaches on the west.

Raglan is one New Zealand’s hottest surf spots. The team at Karioi Lodge in Raglan provides a great base to stay, learn to surf, hire surf gear, camp, eat well and party hard. They are also our Space Station so we highly recommend checking them out.

Don’t just take our word for it check out what some of New Zealand’s top surfers and surf writers have to say about travelling in a Spaceship.

“The camping equivalent of a swiss army knife on wheels, you'll be stoked to discover a large fridge (think 6 pack and steaks), 2 stoves, all utensils for cooking and washing up stuff for the groms, chairs WITH cupholders, two tables, a water supply and legroom to boot”

“All set up, having finished my eggs 'n bacey after a morning sesh, I had time to appreciate the smoother clasping buckles, the effective windguard around the stove, the sturdier rigging on the awning and the warm glow a caring waxjob provides, as I leant back and strummed a tune whilst the wind went onshore. And I didn't even care! It felt like I had all the time in the world, content in the knowledge that I had all I needed with me to enjoy a relaxing fun surfing holiday.”

“Spaceships won't kill your travel budget, provide all the retard-friendly gear 2 or 3 people would need for a camping trip away, and 'cos your basically driving an queen-sized bed around, you'll wake up and already be right there doing it!”

By Rowan Klevstul
Editor, 09 Magazine, May Issue


“I have spent basically the whole entire summer living out of a Spaceship camper van, actually every summer for the last three summers and I can say with absolute confidence that I would recommend Spaceships to anybody, young, old, families, couples or singles. If you are thinking of coming to New Zealand, if you have family who is coming to New Zealand or if you are cruising on over to Oz or the UK, go and hire one, you will realise how much fun they are and how comfortable camping can really be! Thanks Spaceships for your unreal support, I really don’t think I could have achieved the things I have with out the support and amp from you guys. Loving your concern for the environment and the way you are constantly thinking up ways of improving the impact you have as a business on mother earth!”

Daisy Thomas

2009 NZ National Female Long and Shortboard Champion

2010 NZ National Female Longboard Champion


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