New Zealand Travel Guide

New Zealand is a wonderland, which offers some of the world’s most incredible landscapes, activities, attractions and people. The North and South Island are very different but together incorporate a huge variety of amazing attractions in a compact and easy to travel country that is perfectly suited to travelling in a campervan

Planning your camping trip in New Zealand

The answers to the most-asked questions can be found below. There's heaps of info to start planning your camping trip. Also, check out all questions and answers in our Frequently Asked Questions.

Where can I camp in New Zealand?

Spaceships has created the most comprehensive online camping guide to New Zealand. This camping guide lists nearly all the campsites in New Zealand along with reviews and information of their facilities. Check out our info about camping in New Zealand.

What is the cheapest campervan?

A Rocket camper provides the most reliable and cheapest campervan rental in New Zealand. Rockets are reliable Toyota's that are known worldwide for quality and reliability. At Spaceships we perform a comprehensive service every 15,00km to ensure safety and a quality experience when on the road in New Zealand.

Are there discounts on campervan hire?

We offer various deals and discounts on campervan hire year-round. Have a look at our current deals and lock in a discounted campervan rate. Don't wait too long as some deals are so popular they sell out super-fast.

How much is campervan insurance?

Campervan insurance or as some people refer to it as bond reduction options vary considerably between different companies. It pays to read the fine print around what is actually included and excluded with each option available. We have tried to make our campervan insurance simple and apply for all ages 18 years and older.

Are there DOC campgrounds in Auckland?

There are several DOC campgrounds nearby Auckland, for instance on various Islands in the Hauraki Golf. Have a look at the blog post we've created for all info about DOC campgrounds in or near Auckland.

How about DOC campgrounds in Christchurch?

DOC does offer a range of vehicle accessible campsites around Christchurch in what is defined as North and South Canterbury. For more info check out this list.

Tips for your New Zealand road trip

Ready to hit the road in New Zealand? Before you go, make sure to check out the info below.

10 Awesome things to do in Auckland

Auckland is the perfect place to begin or end your road trip. Why? It's the city where the show never stops. Have a look at 10 of our favourite activities to do in or near Auckland.

Walks in New Zealand

Walking in New Zealand is the most popular activity or thing to do in New Zealand. There are a large number of absolutely beautiful New Zealand walks offering a huge variety of landscapes, ease of gradient and length of time required.

Hobbit movie

The Hobbit Movie is sure an epic film directed and produced by Peter Jackson and based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy novel. See for more info about the Hobit movie.

Glamping New Zealand

Fancy a bit of treat, something a bit more glamorous? There's a new way of seeing the amazing sights New Zealand has to offer: glamping. Have a look at our tips for glamping in New Zealand and how you can create an awesome, luxurious self-drive holiday.

Luxury campervan hire New Zealand

Looking for a luxury camper but want something more like a car to drive. The Dream Sleeper Mini is the ideal camper for you. It drives like a good car, is easy to park, comfortable and provides great versatility when travelling. 

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