Campervan travel tips to make it the best road trip ever

Are you ready to start you road trip in New Zealand? Have a look at these campervan travel tips that will help you to make it the best road trip ever.

7 essential items for a campervan trip in New Zealand

There are a few things that you will need to pack for a campervan road trip around New Zealand, and these are the absolute essentials. Most of these items are fairly inexpensive so it might be better to pick them up when you touch down on Kiwi soil.

  1. Sleeping bag – Spaceships campervans come with all bedding and linen included, but a sleeping bag can be useful if you're planning to go camping in winter. Especially in some areas on the South Island, it can get quite cold at night. Winter is an amazing time to explore New Zealand. More info about winter in New Zealand.
  2. Gas canisters – Being able to cook your own food is important when you’re out o the road, so take some spare gas canisters for your cooker. Obviously, you will have to buy these in New Zealand.
  3. Torch – A torch and batteries is always a good idea if you are planning to camp anywhere.
  4. Insect repellent – There are plenty of bugs in New Zealand; black flies (sandflies) especially, so you should definitely pack some insect spray.
  5. Sunglasses – If you are going to be outside a lot then you will certainly need some good quality shades in New Zealand.
  6. Good walking shoes – There is so much amazing countryside in New Zealand that you have to do some walking. This means good walking shoes or boots to protect your feet.
  7. Lightweight waterproof jacket – New Zealand does get some rain so a lightweight waterproof is a great idea to keep you dry in any downpours.

6 quality Kiwi campsites

There are countless beautiful camping grounds in New Zealand, which would make excellent bases to explore the surrounding areas. Here are six quality Kiwi campsites that won’t disappoint.

  1. Jacksons Retreat Campervan Holiday Park – Surrounded by scenic mountains and rivers Jacksons Retreat campsite is a stunning place to park up the camper, in order to explore the Greymouth area on the west coast of the South Island. (more info)
  2. Smiths Farm Holiday Park – This is a more boutique style holiday park located in Marlborough on the South Island. It is centrally placed on the Marlborough Sounds with a backdrop of rugged mountains. (more info)
  3. Aroha Island camping – Aroha Island on the North Island is a place where you might see an actual kiwi – the famous flightless bird in the country’s emblem. Aroha is a serene island and a remote place to enjoy the country’s natural wonders and wildlife. (more info)
  4. Waiteti Trout Stream Holiday Park – Waiteti is a powered campsite in the Rotorua region of the North Island. It is right on the river so a great place to try canoeing and kayaking. (more info)
  5. Waitaki Waters Holiday Park – In the Oamaru region of the South Island Waitaki Waters Holiday Park is surrounded by stunning countryside but is just a few minutes from the local town. It is a lovely coastal site which is perfect for a bit of relaxation. (more info)
  6. Moeraki Boulders Kiwi Holiday Park – If you fancy camping by the sea, where you can see dolphins and even penguins, Moeraki Boulders campsite is a good choice. This site is also located in the Oamaru area on New Zealand’s South Island. (more info)

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4 tips for living in a campervan

  1. Embrace minimalism – Campervans don’t give you much space for unnecessary items, so get used to living with less and take only what you need.
  2. Practise tolerance – Living in close quarters with family and friends can be a real test of a relationship, so to survive and make the most of your trip, it is essential to be patient and tolerant, because others will annoy you at some point and vice versa.
  3. Take advantage of the better camping grounds – Some campsites are better than others and offer very different facilities. You should, therefore, take advantage of the better ones, because you never know what the next one will offer. Use our free smartphone camping app to campgrounds nearby (from free to paid campsites).
  4. Get back into the real world - Unplug yourself from the digital world and enjoy the beauty of New Zealand. There's so much to see and to do here. Enjoy it to the max. See it for yourself and not just through the lens of your camera or smartphone.

3 items you don't need to bring

Travelling light is one of the classic campervan & travel tips. Therefore we won't bother you with more facts about why it's a great idea to travel light. We'll just list a few item you don't need to bring when travelling with a Spaceships campervan.

  1. Bedding & linen - Sheets, duvet and pillows, everything for a good night's sleep is included when you hire a Spaceships campervan.
  2. Pans, cutlery, cups, utensils etc - Everything you need to create a MasterChef worthy dish is included. You just need to shop for ingredients to create that yummy dish.
  3. Lonely Planet or Rough Guides - No need to buy those travel guidebooks. Every Spaceships campervan comes with the famous NZ Frenzy guidebooks (North Island and South Island edition, you'll get them both). These guidebooks are the perfect companion on your New Zealand road trip.