Hobbit Movie

Hobbit movie

The up coming Hobbit Movie is sure to be an epic film directed and produced by Peter Jackson and based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy novel. According to an interview with PJ all of the iconic moments in the book will be included. With several actors from The Lord of the Rings this two part series is sure to be an absolute cracker. The incredible scenery of New Zealand offers the ideal backdrop for these powerful Hobbit movies. Weta Digital will be creating the bulk of the special effects for the Hobbit Movies. The first Hobbit Movie is looking set to go live later this year.

From the peaceful and picturesque rolling hill meadows around Matamata that form the Hobbiton set to the rugged volcanic mountains in the North Island down to towering mountains with glacial feed lakes, vast inland basins of Central Otago and onto the splendor of Queenstown.

The movies are being shot in 48 frames per second. This new technology is said to create a smoother more life like and easier to watch film. Watch the latest short movie below to get a look behind the scenes and get a taste of some of what New Zealand has to offer.

If you are still thinking about coming to explore New Zealand for yourself to experience the amazing landscapes then the Hobbit movie should be enough to make you book your flight. From there we can provide you with some wheels and are only too happy to help with any additional questions you might have about where to go exactly and what to do.

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