Get the NZ Frenzy guidebooks for free

NZ Frenzy is the ultimate New Zealand guidebook if you want to explore New Zealand's remote and untouched places. It offers more off the beaten track tips than any other New Zealand guidebook.

As a Spaceships campervan is the ultimate vehicle to explore New Zealand we're giving you 2 NZ Frenzy guidebooks for free when you hire a Spaceship. You'll get a North Island and a South Island e-book. That's a saving of $40, money that you can keep to spend on fun stuff on your road trip.

NZ Frenzy is the ultimate New Zealand guidebook

The NZ Frenzy guidebook has detailed information on those secret and mostly free spots that are not in brochures or other travel guidebooks.

Scott Cook is the author of the NZ Frenzy guidebook. He spent more than 700 days in a campervan exploring New Zealand finding these unique places. He is a photographer and guidebook author; that's all he does. There's no better person to show you New Zealand off-the-beaten-path than Scott Cook.

NZ Frenzy guidebooks for free

Get 2 NZ Frenzy guidebooks for free - You'll get them as e-books when you book a Spaceship

When Scott arrived in New Zealand some years ago, he wanted to buy a guidebook packed with local knowledge. Unfortunately, there wasn't a New Zealand guidebook that he was happy with. Therefore, he simply started travelling through New Zealand and created a guidebook. That became the NZ Frenzy guidebook.

As we love his New Zealand guidebook, we decided to add two free NZ Frenzy guidebooks to every Spaceships campervan hire.

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Full version of NZ Frenzy guidebook (500 pages) for FREE

Wow, that sounds good, aye. How about getting the full version of NZ Frenzy for free? Simply, book a Spaceships campervan and we'll email you the full version as PDF. That's the 250-page North Island guidebook and the 250-page South Island NZ Frenzy guidebook for free (total value $40). We'll email these as soon as your campervan is booked in, so you can start planning your New Zealand road trip before you arrive.

Why you need the NZ Frenzy guidebook?

The NZ Frenzy guidebook for both Islands provides 

Book a Spaceship and get these guidebooks for free. You'll get the NZ Frenzy North Island and the NZ Frenzy South Island as e-books. It contains heaps of unique info you won't find in any other travel book. And as it's an e-book it won't add extra weight to your luggage.

We're taking NZ Frenzy to the next level

The NZ Frenzy e-books are great for planning your New Zealand road trip. Author Scott Cook will take you to amazing & remote places in NZ, places that other guidebook don't even mention. But there are more tools to help you plan your road trip:

  • Download the free camping apps from Spaceships (Android & Apple)
  • Join the Space Travellers Community, a new online travel guide packed with discounts, deals and heaps of road trip tips. It's the best addition to the NZ Frenzy e-books. And it's free to join!

By using these apps and tools that we offer you for free, you'll be ready to get the most out of your New Zealand road trip. There's so much to do and see. Start planning!