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COVID-19 Travel Promise

✓ More flexibility

✓ We'll take care of you

✓ Great #spaceshipsroadtrip

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Our COVID-19 Travel Promises - Book with confidence

Our COVID-19 Travel Promise gives you the freedom to start planning the ultimate adventure without having to worry about what will happen if things change due to COVID-19. At Spaceships, we like to keep things as easy as possible therefore it is good to know that you can:

Change or update your booking for free

Cancel at any time or postpone your booking.
We'll issue travel credit (voucher) that can be used within 2 years in all countries where Spaceships operates.

Book with confidence

Pay 10% now to make a booking! You will never lose your deposit!

If your travel plans are affected by a Government lock-down (if travel falls within Alert Level 3 or 4) or the New Zealand border closing (travel bubble disruption), you’ll still be eligible for an 80% refund if you have paid in full, PLUS you’ll also receive a credit for your deposit.

We guarantee your deposit is never lost and can be moved to a future travel date.

Spaceships NZ COVID Clean Label

At Spaceships, it is our mission to make sure you have an awesome #spaceshipsroadtrip!

Booking a Spaceships campervan means that all this is included (no hidden fees).

✓ Additional driver(s) can be added free of charge.

✓ One-way travel: drop off at another depot at no extra charge.

Contactless pick-up & drop-off: 24/7, 365 days a year.

✓ Want to extend your trip? We'll extend it at the same daily rate (subject to availability)

Book with confidence

 Free to make changes! Updating a booking before pick-up is free, no matter how often you need to make changes (subject to availability)

✓ Free cancellation within 7 days of making the booking (from date on booking confirmation).

✓ Never lose your deposit! If you can't cancel for free anymore, we'll turn it into travel credit for you so it can be used up to 2 years later in New Zealand, Australia of the UK.

 We check & clean your campervan thoroughly before it goes out onto the road! 
See our pre-hire cleaning & safety sheets: Rocket, Beta & 2S (PDF) or Dream Sleeper Mini (PDF)

The price you see is the price you'll pay. Guaranteed.

✓ Yes, we do... (things we do refund)

In case of a problem or an issue, it's good to know that:

✓ Your Spaceships campervan comes with 24-hour roadside assistance

✓ Third-Party incidents are always covered (no matter the insurance option you have). A third party incident is accidentally damaging someone else’s vehicle or property.

✓ Spaceships will cover any damage to the vehicle in the event of attempted theft or break-in (regardless of the insurance/excess option you selected)

Mechanical breakdown (not caused by you the hirer)

If there's a mechanical breakdown that isn't caused by you, we will:

✓ Pay for any tows of the vehicle

✓ Pay for all the costs associated with the mechanical failure

✓ Refund you the hire days you weren't able to use your Spaceships campervan

✓ Refund any accommodation costs (up to NZ$200 per night) if you are unable to sleep in your Spaceship due to a mechanical fault (receipts must be provided).

Not fully satisfied with our service?

If you are unsatisfied with service you received from Spaceships, you'll get a 5% credit note towards any future booking with Spaceships New Zealand, Australia or the UK/Europe.

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The price you see is the price you'll pay. Guaranteed by our Price Match Guarantee.

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x No, we don't... (things we don't refund)

At Spaceships, we like to be as transparent as possible. We've told you what we'll do for you on your #spaceshipsroadtrip and the stuff that we refund/replace... However, there are situations or items that won't be refunded.


• Accessories not used on hire

• Call out fees for non-mechanical events

• If you didn't report the problem to Spaceships within 24 hours

• Insurance fees paid (All-Inclusive & Partial insurance/excess reduction) 

• Tyre(s) replacement on Standard Insurance and Partial Excess Insurance

• International calling charges. We provide a free NZ SIM card with your booking

• Early returns. You can return early but there won't be a refund for the unused days

• Cancellations made on the day of pick up. See our cancellation policy for more info.

• Bad weather, natural disasters or road closures. Weather can change in New Zealand, it's part of life on the road (four seasons in one day).

• Unused hire days caused by driver error, misuse of the vehicle or acts of God (natural disasters & pandemics)

• Any associated costs or fees involved in non-mechanical repairs such as towing and salvage. This also includes food & accommodation and activities.

• Credit Card fees. Banks and credit card companies charge us that fee, so that's a cost that we have to pay. We recommend paying online (deposit and remaining balance) because then there are no payment fees. We only charge a fee for offline credit card payments.

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The price you see is the price you'll pay. Guaranteed by our Price Match Guarantee.

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