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Spaceships campervans come with ✓ standard insurance with 3rd party cover ✓ same low excess for 18-year-olds ✓ roadside assistance ✓ bedding & linen ✓ one-way at no extra cost

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Spring: a colourful road trip

Campervan hire from $30 per day in October

October weather is characteristically mild in New Zealand. The daily temperatures gradually rise throughout the month. On the North Island, it averages 15°C to 18°C while the average temperature is 14°C to 17°C on the South Island.

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Hire a campervan from $55 per day in November

In November it can feel like spring, but it can also feel like summer. It's a great time to explore New Zealand as it's the last quiet month before the busy season starts.

More info about spring in New Zealand.

Early summer or Indian summer: perfect for a road trip


Campervan hire from $59 per day

The busy season is about to start. At the end of December, many Kiwis will have their summer holidays. Early December is still a relatively cheap time of year to travel through New Zealand. Book your campervan early, so you don't miss out.

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March is the first month of autumn or Indian summer in New Zealand. March has a lovely warmth to it. You can expect temperatures of 25°C in the Bay of Islands (North), even 27°C in central Rotorua.

Summer: a sunny road trip


Campervan hire from $59 per day

Summer savings tip: go for drop-off at the same location (2 bookings = extra discount) or try Christchurch - Auckland (more availability).

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It's summertime. Heaps of travellers are coming into New Zealand and Kiwis are enjoying their summer holiday as well. It's a great time to travel around, but it's also our busiest season. You'll need to book your campervan as soon as possible as they will sell out and/or rates can change.

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Our lowest rate: campervan hire from $19

Travel between May (autumn) and September (spring)

Yes, June, July and August are winter months in New Zealand. It's the season to drive to one of the many ski areas and have some fun.

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Need extra warmth in the colder months? We have Winter Warmer packs for hire. Average temperatures range from 1 to 14°C in winter. Check out what winter in New Zealand is all about.

All Spaceships campervans come with ✓ bedding & linen: pillows, duvet, cover and sheets ✓ cooking gear: gas burner, pans, plates, cutlery & cups.




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