Video tour of the Beta 4-berth campervan

See how easy it is to use the features of the Beta 4-berth family campervan.

(the video shows the Australian Beta 4-berth campervan, which is similar to the New Zealand model, especially when it comes to setting up the rooftop tent)

How to use the Beta 4-berth + rooftop tent

Before you start your road trip in New Zealand it’s good to get to know your campervan a bit better. 

Travelling with babies or infants

The Beta 4-berth (rooftop camping) campervan is the only Spaceships campervan that can be fitted with 2 child/baby seats. Bring your own, or hire a child or baby seat from us. See our optional accessories list for more info.

Before you start your road trip

Before you start the engine of the Beta 4-berth the following items are good to know. Make sure you take your time to do these things when picking up your campervan.

  • Adjust the seat so you’re in a comfortable position.
  • Position the mirrors to see traffic behind and around you.
  • Doing a few simple checks before you start the engine. Checking things like the lights, windscreen wiper and more.
  • The Beta 4-berth campervan has automatic transmission. If you’re not used to this, you’ll see in this video how easy it is to use.
  • Instructions & tips about safe driving in New Zealand

Using the cooking gear

It doesn’t matter what your cooking skills are like. The Beta 4-berth campervan comes with all cooking gear included for 4 travellers. The cooking gear of the Beta 4-berth campervan, and other Spaceships campervans, consists of:

  • Pans and kettle
  • Plates, forks, knives and spoons
  • Cups and glasses… And yes, you’re allowed to take those cool mugs home with you (check the bottom of each mug for info)
  • Cutting board and a knife.
  • Gas cooker… Two portable gas cookers, so you can use ‘em wherever you want. As long as you put them on a flat surface and don’t use ‘em inside the vehicle.

Sleeping in the Beta 4-berth campervan (and using the awning)

Our Beta 4-berth campervan comes with a rear awning. The sunshade or side awning is optional. The one thing they have in common is that they are easy to set up.

The sunshade can be set up at the back of the campervan. It will extend your living area. It also provides protection from the sun. Perfect to set up an area to have coffee and breakfast in the morning (just add our table & chairs combo when booking your Spaceship).

The rear awning is the tent-like structure that attaches to the back of the Beta 4-berth campervan. It will create the second sleeping option where you’ll have more space and more ventilation as part of the bed will extend outwards, while you are protected from the elements by the rear awning. Our instructional video will show you exactly how to set it up. Of course, you can sleep fully inside as well. It’s just what you prefer.

Mechanical tips like replacing a tyre

Your Beta 4-berth will be handy to you in excellent condition. Our in-house mechanics will make sure of it. It’s important that you take care of the campervan the same way as we do. Especially on a long road trip, it is important to do a few checks.

  • Check the oil level of the campervan
  • Make sure the tyre pressure is at the recommended level. Then there’s less wear on the tyres, it’ll be easier and safer to drive (especially in wet or icy weather conditions) and it’s better for the fuel economy of the campervan.
  • In case of a flat tyre, the video shows you how to replace a tyre of the vehicle. Each Spaceships campervan category has some difference when it comes to replacing a tyre.

Ready for your #spaceshipsroadtrip

That’s it. As soon as you’ve finished watching the Beta 4-berth campervan instructional video you’ll be an expert on that type of campervan. You are now ready for your road trip. And if there are any questions, just let us know: online or when picking up your Spaceships campervan.

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