Advantages of a road trip by camping car: travel together & explore more

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Discover something new every day

✓ Relax & connect w/ nature

✓ No need to set up a tent

✓ Camping made easy

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Wake up somewhere different every day

Hire a camping car (cooking & sleeping gear is included) and use it as a regular car or campervan. It is the most flexible way to explore New Zealand.

✓ Spaceships is making camping super easy. Your camping car is like a motel room on wheels

✓ Wake up somewhere different every day. Sleep at beautiful & safe campsites or holiday parks

✓ Or sleep at a nice hotel. Your Spaceships camping-car drives and parks as easy as a car

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✓ Unlimited kilometres ✓ Free to make changes (subject to availability) ✓ Cooking & Sleeping gear is included ✓ No fee for one-way trips ✓ It's free to add additional driver(s) 
No hidden fees at all

"Traveling’s not something you’re good at. It’s something you do. Like breathing."

- Gayle Forman

Reconnect with New Zealand without disconnecting from civilization

Hiring a Spaceships camping-car doesn't mean you have to go camping. The cooking & sleeping facilities are an added bonus. Use 'em or don't use 'em, it's up to you.

✓ Relax on the bed after a long hike.... Then drive to a boutique hotel for a good night's sleep.

✓ Heat up some soup or cook an easy lunch without having to leave the amazing scenery.

✓ Our campervans are easy to drive: automatic transmission

✓ 24-hour roadside assistance included

✓ Anyone 18 years and older, with a valid driving licence, can hire & drive a Spaceship Stealth model

✓ Book now at lowest price (guaranteed), make changes for free, and rest assured that you'll never lose your deposit!

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No hidden fees! The price you see is price you'll pay!

Cooking with a view

No matter how amazing your kitchen at home is, nothing beats outdoor cooking with a view.

✓ Let your partner do the cooking. Check out these tasty camping meal recipes (vegan & vegetarian as well). Now everyone can cook!

✓ Your Spaceships camping-car comes with pans, cutlery, utensils and more included. Just add ingredients and you're ready to explore New Zealand.

✓ Even if you just want to heat up some soup or create a quick meal, a camping-car offers more than a rental car (at the same low price).

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Quesdilla cooking with view

Everyone wants to cook when the view is this good

Just the two of you, the road and amazing scenery

✓ Spend quality time together, go on a road trip together and explore New Zealand.

✓ Go where big motorhomes can't go and where buses don't go. Get off the beaten path!

✓ Unplug but reconnect with nature.... And each other.

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Dancing in the sunlight

Dance together in the moonlight.... Or sunlight!


Get away from chores, emails and all day-to-day stuff

✓ Our camping cars can be used for a weekend getaway but also for a long NZ road trip

✓ Leave it all behind and explore New Zealand. Now's the time. Let's enjoy our beautiful country to the fullest.

✓ You decide where you want to go. Our travel apps & guidebooks will help out.

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Need space road trip time

Need some space? Then it's time for a road trip! What are you waiting for?

The easiest & most relaxed way to go camping

This is why the Beta Dog-Friendly is perfect for you

✓ The price you see is the price you'll pay. We don't charge a fee when you bring your dog.

✓ You can pick up the dog-friendly campervan 24 hours a day. Our process is contactless. You don't have to be at the depot at a specific time, as long as you pick up the campervan on the scheduled day of pick-up.

✓ Optional accessories available to customise your dog-friendly campervan even more

✓ All cooking gear is included: pots, pans, utensils, cutlery and more

✓ Comfy bed for a good night's sleep

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Another sunrise is another awesome adventure




















Check out these freebies in the FREE goodie bag

✓ free New Zealand prepaid travel SIM card
✓ playing cards decorated with awesome NZ destinations. Fun to play with and awesome to look at. Perfect ✓ inspiration for your #spaceshipsroadtrip.
✓ Department of Conservation (DOC) camping information and map.
✓ New Zealand holiday park info and map
✓ Collector's edition Spaceships keyring
...And heaps more, the content of the Spaceships collector's edition tote bag keeps changing. It'll always be a surprise as we keep adding more awesome free stuff. You'll always get more free stuff with your Spaceships booking.

Free stuff that will make life on the road easier and more fun. And of course, take it home with you as a free souvenir. Show off the limited edition Spaceships tote bag and keyring to your mates back home.

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