Go on a campervan road trip with your dog and explore New Zealand together

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Dog-friendly campervan hire

✓ Travel together

✓ No fee to bring your dog

✓ Heaps included for free

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Travelling together is better: take your dog on a road trip

Beta Dog-Friendly Campervan is the latest addition to the Spaceships fleet

✓ Created by dog fans at Spaceships specifically for your furry friend: no fee to bring your dog

✓ Unlimited kilometres, cooking & sleeping gear included! No hidden fees.

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✓ It's free to make changes to your booking before day of pick-up (subject to availability).

All pooches on this page are part of the Spaceships family. No dog actors were hired!

“Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail.”

– Kinky Friedman (singer/songwriter)

Finding dog-friendly campsites

Is your dog excited to go on a road trip? There are so many amazing dog-friendly campsites in New Zealand. You will be surprised. Here are some of our tips to find a dog-friendly campsite near you.

✓ Check out Pets Can Come Too for a list of campsites

✓ List of dog-friendly campsites on NZ Camping website

Top10 holiday parks that welcome dogs

The biggest advantage of roadtripping with the Beta Dog-Friendly campervan is that the vehicle is so easy to drive and park. A compact campervan drives like a good car and is just as easy to park. You can mix & match and stay at a campsite one day and at a nice dog-friendly motel the next day. It's that easy to go on a road trip with your dog.

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See specifications of Beta Dog-Friendly campervan

Advantages of the Beta Dog-Friendly Campervan

✓ No extra fee when you bring your dog. Our Dog-Friendly campervans are created just for travellers with dogs!

✓ There are no hidden fees at all. The price you see is the price you'll pay.

✓ No fee for one-way trips, making it a cheap one-way road

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See specifications of Beta Dog-Friendly campervan

✓ Included: cooking & sleeping gear, unlimited kilometres & 24-hours roadside assistance

This is why the Beta Dog-Friendly is perfect for you

✓ The price you see is the price you'll pay. We don't charge a fee when you bring your dog.

✓ You can pick up the dog-friendly campervan 24 hours a day. Our process is contactless. You don't have to be at the depot at a specific time, as long as you pick up the campervan on the scheduled day of pick-up.

✓ Optional accessories available to customise your dog-friendly campervan even more

✓ All cooking gear is included: pots, pans, utensils, cutlery and more

✓ Comfy bed for a good night's sleep

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See specifications of Beta Dog-Friendly campervan





















Check out these freebies in the FREE goodie bag

✓ free New Zealand prepaid travel SIM card
✓ playing cards decorated with awesome NZ destinations. Fun to play with and awesome to look at. Perfect ✓ inspiration for your #spaceshipsroadtrip.
✓ Department of Conservation (DOC) camping information and map.
✓ New Zealand holiday park info and map
✓ Collector's edition Spaceships keyring
...And heaps more, the content of the Spaceships collector's edition tote bag keeps changing. It'll always be a surprise as we keep adding more awesome free stuff. You'll always get more free stuff with your Spaceships booking.

Free stuff that will make life on the road easier and more fun. And of course, take it home with you as a free souvenir. Show off the limited edition Spaceships tote bag and keyring to your mates back home.

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We love dogs. Our rules are simple

✓ Bring your own bed for your dog as well as a leash, drinking and eating bowls, toys and bags for correctly disposing of any waste.

✓ Return the vehicle in a clean and tidy condition. Please note that costs arising from damage and soiling caused by pets are not covered by the excess reduction plans.

✓ Up to two well-behaved, registered dogs are allowed to travel in the Beta Dog-Friendly campervan

✓ Your dogs must have been treated for fleas

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