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How to use the Rocket (budget) campervan

A Rocket (budget) campervan is a typical Spaceship: it drives like a car and sleeps like a campervan. But this model campervan has various features that sets it apart from the other Spaceships. The video above will show you exactly how to use your Rocket campervan. No need to read a boring manual, just watch the how-to video.

And here’s what you can expect to learn from the Rocket video manual.

Before you start your road trip

Before you start the engine of your Rocket it’s important to know a bit more about the vehicle.

  • Adjusting the seat for a comfortable driving position
  • Starting and driving the Rocket campervan (simple checks before driving off)
  • How to use the automatic transmission of the campervan
  • Instructions & tips about safe driving in New Zealand

Using the cooking gear

  • Specification of all cooking items that are included with the Rocket campervan: pans, plates, cooking utensils, forks, knives and more. 
  • Tips about using the portable gas cookers

Sleeping in the Rocket (including using the awning)

  • How to set up the bed of the Rocket campervan
  • View of the bed set-up, nightlife (curtains and lights) and space in the Rocket
  • How to use the rear awning for extra space and ventilation. The rear awning is like a tent-addition to the back of the Rocket campervan). You can sleep fully inside the Rocket (with the boot closed), but by using the rear awning the bed extends partly outside. You’ll have extra fresh air while being protected from the elements by the rear awning.

Mechanical tips like changing a tyre

  • How to check the oil level of the Rocket campervan
  • Checking tyre pressure and how to add air to get it up to the recommended tyre pressure again.
  • In case of a flat tyre, the video shows you how to replace a tyre.

Ready for your #spaceshipsroadtrip

That’s it. After watching this instructional video, you know everything there is to know about the Rocket budget campervan. You’re now ready for your #spaceshipsroadtrip. Have fun.

Get a quote for a Rocket

See specifications of the Rocket

5 reasons to travel New Zealand in a Rocket

  1. The best option for budget-conscious travellers: cheap campervan with heaps of features & items included for free.
  2. Unlimited kilometres & being able to drop off at another depot (no extra fees)
  3. Bedding & linen included: you don't need to bring your sleeping bag, all sleeping gear (duvet, pillows, sheets) is included.
  4. Seats up to 4 people & sleeps 2 people, split the costs of traveller and make it an even cheaper road trip.
  5. An additional driver can be added free of charge. There are no hidden fees or extra charges when hiring a Rocket campervan. The low price you see is the price you’ll pay.