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Campervan & car hire in New Zealand made easy

Explore the outer space of New Zealand, with Spaceships campervan hire. New Zealand has so much to offer and the easiest way to see it all is by compact campervan. Enjoy a smoother drive and better handling on the hilly and windy roads in New Zealand. Access places big vehicles can’t go to and save on fuel. Spaceships campervan hire New Zealand has a wide range of vehicles to choose from.

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Read more about our promises. You can book a Spaceships campervan with confidence.

New Zealand campervans: from budget to advanced campervans

Whether you’re looking for the cheapest campervan or a bit more luxury for your New Zealand road trip, we have a campervan that’s perfect for you. Choose from the following categories.

  • Budget (Rocket) – Probably the cheapest campervan you’ll find in New Zealand. The combination of the super low rates throughout the year and the many quality features, make this the perfect campervan for budget-conscious travellers. The Rocket (budget) campervan seats 4 people and sleeps 2 people.
  • Standard (Beta) – The features of this campervan are anything but standard, for instance, the fridge/freezer. It’s perfect for up to 4 travellers as it seats 4 and sleeps 2. More info about the Beta (standard) campervan.
  • Premium (Beta 2S) – More space and a more discrete look, that’s what this campervan model is all about. It seats & sleeps 2 travellers. More info about the Beta 2S (premium) campervan.
  • Advanced (Dream Sleeper Mini) – This campervan is made for glamping. It has the most luxurious features (for instance a bigger fridge) and is still easy to drive. And it comes with even more features included, for example, a modern stereo with Bluetooth, SatNav and a rearview camera built-in. More info about the Dream Sleeper Mini (luxury) campervan. Hire one for exploring New Zealand in style.

Not sure which campervan to select for your upcoming New Zealand road trip? Compare all campervans and see the specifications and features of each Spaceships New Zealand campervan. Each campervan has all sleeping & cooking gear included. See photos and videos of each campervan and find your perfect campervan to hire in New Zealand.

Upgrade your rental car experience: unbranded campervans that look like a car

The best and most flexible way to discover New Zealand is by rental car or campervan. At Spaceships, we can now offer you a better rental car experience. Our unbranded vehicles are just like a rental car (Multi-Purpose Vehicle) from the outside but are a real campervan on the inside. Now you can explore New Zealand like a local, in a vehicle without any logos or stickers.

  • Beta 2S Stealth premium - an unbranded version of the Beta 2S campervan. The Beta 2S Stealth model has the same features (seats & sleeps 2), doesn't have a backseat (more space to move around) and comes with all cooking and sleeping gear. The biggest difference is: no logos at all on the Stealth vehicles.
  • Dream Sleeper Mini Stealth - an unbranded version of the famous Dream Sleeper Mini campervan. However, the DS Mini Stealth model is complete without logos and stickers so no one can tell that it is a rental vehicle. Explore New Zealand is a luxury unbranded vehicle that comes with more included than a regular rental car. All cooking & sleeping gear is included. 

All Stealth models drive just as easy as a regular rental car, they are equipped with automatic transmission. If camping isn't your cup of tea you can use the cooking equipment to make some coffee, heat up some soup or make a quick meal after a long day of hiking. Simply drive to a hotel, motel or hostel and park the car so you can spend the night in regular accommodation. And if you like to try camping for a night or two, go for it. The sleeping equipment is included for free.

Hire a car with more features than the average rental car

The Spaceships Rentals fleet keeps expanding, just like the universe. We now also offer hire cars that have more features than a regular rental car in New Zealand. These cars will make your road trip in New Zealand easier and cheaper.

  • Urban Explorer is a super-comfy 2-seater car that comes with cooking gear and a fridge included for free. This hire car with unlimited kilometres is super easy to drive (automatic transmission) and the extra features make it a joy to explore the outer space of New Zealand. Now there is no need to buy a cool box to keep snacks cool or to stop at cafes for lunch. Simple stock up at a supermarket, put your snacks & drinks in the fridge or storage area of the Urvan Explorer and create a tasty lunch in the middle of nowhere. This rental car makes picnicking easier than ever before. A quality car that costs less than a rental car but has more included for free, that's the Spaceships Urban Explorer.
  • Transporter is a 5-seater people mover (car). The perfect rental vehicle when travelling together, travelling with more than 2 people. This rental car has belted seating for up to 5 adults. Super affordable for a roadie with mates. Or for a family with young kids as you can securely fit up to 2 child or baby seats in the Transporter people mover: 2 adults + 2 baby/child seats and it is still a comfy road trip. And super affordable as these Spaceships car options are cheaper to hire than a regular car from the average rental company in New Zealand.

Why hire your campervan at Spaceships?

The only surprise you’ll have is how easy our campervans are to drive. They truly drive like a good car and sleep like a campervan. Anyone (18+ years of age) with a valid driving licence can drive a Spaceships campervan. Hire one today and start exploring New Zealand.

Well-maintained campervans

Our campervans are in excellent condition. Our mechanics take good care of their babies. Standard insurance is included and we offer various insurance upgrade options for complete peace of mind. And if something does happen on your road trip, it’s good to know that 24-hour roadside assistance is included. We’ll take care of you. No worries. It's all part of Our Promises to You.

Worry-free booking: update or change when needed

See our campervans and select the campervan hire category that suits your travel plans best. If your plans change, no worries. You can update your campervan booking before the day of pick-up. You can always change the selected campervan category (subject to availability), add or remove accessories or add an extra driver (another free service of Spaceships). And if your plans change drastically, you can cancel your booking for free (within 7 days of making the booking) or keep it as credit to be used later. We're flexible.

Spaceships will get you on your way in New Zealand. We’re looking forward to seeing you at our depot in Auckland or Christchurch

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