Better than a relocation deal: more days, one-ways and low prices

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Better than a relocation deal

✓ Unlimited days

✓ Heaps included

✓ Awesome one-way deals

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Even better than relocation deals: one-way specials

New relocation deals will be published once they're available, but for now, we have...

✓ January 2018: Free ferry (vehicle + 2 people) on one-ways Christchurch to Auckland

There are no relocation deals available at the moment, just awesome one-way deals: unlimited kilometres, unlimited hire days & one-ways as well.

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Looking for a longer hire than the 5 days relocation?

Check out these awesome New Zealand summer holiday deals...

Travel hack: how to find a discounted campervan during the busiest time of the year (summer) in NZ

Spaceships campervans come with ✓ unlimited kilometres ✓ standard insurance with 3rd party cover ✓ automatic transmission ✓ sleeping & cooking gear ✓ free after-hours pick-up

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Isn't it time for a #spaceshipsroadtrip?

Exploring New Zealand was never this cheap. Don't miss out on our deals & discounts!

✓ One-way hire deals
✓ Unlimited kilometres, unlimited days
✓ Standard insurance with 3rd party cover
✓ Travel app & NZ Frenzy guidebooks
✓ 24-hour roadside service
✓ Cutlery & crockery
✓ Bedding & linen

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