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Auckland Christchurch
Auckland Christchurch

Travel Information

Welcome to our travel information section on New Zealand. We offer a lot more than just a great campervan to explore New Zealand in.

We are a passionate little country with friendly people and a lot to offer from stunning golden sand beaches, staggering mountain ranges, deep fiords, active glaciers right beside the sea, volcanic zones, massive lakes and rivers, great surf, cycling, skiing and adventure activities. This is only the start of the amazing place we call home! We recommend you come on over and check it out for yourselves.

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All your questions answered

Whatever you would like to know about roadtripping in New Zealand, you'll find all the info here. 

Do you have free New Zealand guidebooks?

Yes, we have. Each Spaceships campervan comes with the famous NZ Frenzy guidebooks by Scott Cook. Scott is the expert when it comes to seeing New Zealand like a local. He'll tell you where go and where not to go. Oh and did we tell you that you'll get 2 guidebooks, one for the North Island and one for the South Island.

What's the best camping app for New Zealand?

That's an easy one. For us, the best travel & camping app is the Spaceships app (for Android & Apple). Duh. The app is free for all travellers. And it is updated all the time by you guys. Yes, you can add your tips and reviews as well. Cool aye. 

Where can I camp in New Zealand?

Well where to start? There are so many awesome places to camp in New Zealand. Check out the rules about freedom camping and where you can camp in New Zealand.

Is it easy to drive in New Zealand?

All it takes is getting used to driving on the left side of the road. And some preparation by reading our tips and free road code tests. The biggest advantage of driving a Spaceships campervan is the fact that our campervans drive like a good car. They're easy to drive.   

Make sure to also read the info about whether you can use your driving licence in New Zealand or whether an International version is required.   

Where to go in New Zealand? Any suggestions?

So many. We have so many suggestions. Therefore we created our list of suggested itineraries.

What are the seasons like in New Zealand?

Of course, there's a difference in temperature each season, but there are more differences. We've listed all seasonal info on this page, making it super easy for you to see when it's the 

More info needed?

Have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us. It's easy, use the chat function on the lower right-hand side of the page or see the contact page for email address and phone number.

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