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Auckland Christchurch

DOC campsite pass

The Department of Conservation (DOC) camping is a great way to camp your way around New Zealand. DOC campsites are located throughout New Zealand offering great camping options at very affordable prices.

What is a DOC pass?

A DOC campsite pass will give you access to over 90 DOC campsites across New Zealand. The DOC pass can be purchased directly with Spaceships

Benefits of a DOC campsite pass

A DOC campsite pass is a great and easy way to camp your way around New Zealand and see our unique and beautiful scenery and wildlife.

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Price of a DOC campsite weekly pass

There are three options for the weekly DOC campsite pass.

  • Single (for one adult): $25.00
  • Double (for two adults): $50.00
  • Family (for two adults and 1 or 2 children between 5-17 years of age): $75.00

This means by buying a DOC Pass you essentially pay for three nights and can stay up to seven nights at over 90 DOC campsites across New Zealand.

A night at a DOC campsite costs on average $9 so this is a great way to have a value-for-money holiday while still contributing to conservation.

How to use your DOC Pass?

You can buy weekly DOC campsite passes to camp your way around New Zealand. Please email us to purchase these. You can also contact us whilst on the road to purchase another pass if you require more or just buy extras at the start and enter future dates on them to validate the pass. 

To validate the DOC campsite pass, write in the start and end dates (should be 7 days apart) and the vehicle registration number.

Where can it be used?

The weekly DOC campsite pass can be used at selected DOC campsites across the country. Always display your pass on the dashboard so that it can be seen from the outside by DOC campground wardens.

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Port Jackson DOC Campsite

Use a DOC campsite pass & stay in amazing places in New Zealand