Rental info: what to expect when hiring a Spaceship

New Zealand is such a laid-back country. There's no need to start your road trip in our beautiful country with travel stress. We offer a lot more than just a great campervan to explore New Zealand. Here are our promises to you, so you'll have an awesome road trip in New Zealand. A road trip without travel stress.

1. Best price guarantee

Booking your Spaceships campervan online means that you've locked in the best deal available. You don't need to waste time to shop around or compare prices, you'll get the best price online. If you do come across a cheaper price for our vehicles with the same travel dates, we’ll match it (if all details are the same and it matches our T&Cs).

Wondering how to find the lowest price for your Spaceships campervan? Easy as. Check our low rate finder and you'll see which months of the year are the cheapest. Did you know that it's possible to hire a campervan from as low as $19 per day? And with our Rocket budget campervan you get heaps of quality features that you won't on cheap campervans from other companies.

2. Insurance / excess reduction options

All our campervans come with standard insurance with 3rd party cover. However, to travel with full peace of mind we recommend taking our All-Inclusive insurance option. That's the most comprehensive insurance option, which has $0 excess when something happens to the car. It also covers you for a replacement windscreen, stone chips on the windshield, two replacement tyres, any towing and more.

3. Free after-hours pick-up and drop-off

There's no need to rush to our depots in Auckland or Christchurch as we offer FREE after-hours pick-ups and drop-offs. You can plan your trip the way you want. Our friendly crew will make sure your campervan is waiting for you at a time that suits you. Just make you let us know that you'll be arriving early or late. Have a look at all details of our free after-hours service.

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4. No hidden costs

One low price that includes everything is all you see when you calculate the campervan hire rate for your travel dates. How easy is that?

5. Heaps of free stuff included

You'll love the low rates for our awesome, customised campervans but you'll love all the freebies we through in even more.

  • Free guidebooks: North Island and South Island edition of the famous NZ Frenzy guidebooks.
  • Bedding & linen are included.
  • Your campervan comes with cutlery and crockery (including a pot, pan and kettle).
  • Unlimited kilometres, so you can create the longest road trip ever. Go explore New Zealand.
  • No one-way fees, so you can explore the North and the South Island of New Zealand.
  • ... And more, much more.

6. A wide range of accessories for your campervan

Spaceships campervans are customised campervans that drive like a regular car but are equipped with the features of a campervan. Check out our range of vehicles and see for yourself. And to make your road trip even more relaxed, we have heaps of optional accessories for hire or purchase. Check out the list of optional accessories. That's another way how we eliminate travel stress.

7. Anyone can hire a Spaceships campervan

Anyone with a valid driver's license and who is at least 18 years of age can hire one of our customised campervans. We charge the same low rate whether you're between 18 and 21 or well over 21 years of age. It's that easy.

Our campervans drive like a regular car so even if you're not used to driving on the other side of the road it's still easy. That's why we always say: anyone can do a road trip in New Zealand with Spaceships. As long as you have a valid driving license. 

8. No travel stress at all

Hiring a Spaceships campervan is heaps of fun and a great way to see more of New Zealand. Whether travelling with your partner, friends or an infant. Life on the road in New Zealand is good and stress-free. And when travelling with an infant we have child seats available for hire.

With all the free stuff included and fantastic options available, there won't be any nasty surprises. Guidebooks, roadside assistance (24-hours), one-way option, extra drivers, it's all included. You can leave the travel stress at home and start your New Zealand road trip stress-free.

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9. Manage your booking online

Want to speed up the check-in process? Forgot to add some of these super-handy optional accessories? Or pay the remainder of your balance? Then use our online manage your booking system. It's easy, secure and saves heaps of time.

10. We're here to help

If you do have questions about hiring one of our vehicles, driving in New Zealand or anything else that might cause travel stress, have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), see the Terms & Conditions or contact our friendly crew... Or have a chat by using live chat from Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm (New Zealand time). Start live chat by clicking on the icon in the right-hand corner below. Talk to you soon.

We're looking forward to seeing you at one of our depots in New Zealand soon!