After-hours pick-up: a digital & contacless pick-up process

There's no need to stress when picking up a Spaceships campervan. We offer a free after-hours pick-up and drop-off service. This service is operational 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year! This means you can pick up your Spaceship campervan whenever it suits you. However, this free service must be prearranged and authorised by Spaceships. And this is how to do it.

Free after-hours & contactless pick-up & drop-off

If you would like to pick up or drop off your Spaceships campervan in Auckland or Christchurch outside office hours (that's any day of the week before 9 am or after 4 pm), you'll need to pre-arrange our free after-hours service. Due to COVID-19, all pick-ups will be done via the after-hours contactless pick-up process, even if you are picking up during office hours.

How to arrange the after-hours & contactless service

It's easy to arrange this free service.

  1. Book your Spaceships campervan and select 'early after-hours' (before 8am but after midnight) or 'after-hours' in the time field (after 5pm but before midnight). 
  2. Fill out the Online Check-in. You'll find the same link in your booking confirmation email.
  3. Make sure you have paid the full amount of your rental agreement. If you need to pay the remainder of your balance you can use the secure payment option on our Self-Service page.

For after-hours drop-offs, just select it on the booking page or contact us on 0800 772 237 (freephone while in New Zealand) when you're already on the road.

How does the after-hours & contactless process work?

If you have completed all steps of the Online Check-in process, you will receive the pick-up instruction a day before the scheduled day of pick-up. In the email with pick-up instructions you will find information like:

  • how to get to our depot
  • where to find your campervan (parking space number)
  • the lockbox code to get the keys of the campervan
  • a link to our how to use your campervan videos

After-hours is our contactless pick-up process.... It doesn't matter at what time you're picking up your campervan, as long as it's on the day of pick-up that's on your booking. No staff member will be on-site, but our staff can be reached via chat or phone.

Spaceships after hours campervan pick up

Sunset (or even later) is a colourful time to pick up your campervan. After-hours is a free service at Spaceships.

Questions about the after-hours pickup & drop-off service

Even more information about our free after-hours can be found in the Q&A below

Can I book the after-hours service online?

Yes. Simply, get a quote online and follow the steps mentioned above. It's important to fill out the Pre-Arrival Check-in form (online) as soon as you've received it. Also, don't forget to pay the remaining balance and send us a copy of your driving licence.

Is full payment required to use the after-hours service?

Yes. You either pay the remaining balance via our secure payment portal (log in using your booking number & name). Or you authorize us to charge the credit card we have on file. We'll need to process your payment 3 days before your requested pickup day.

When you book your Spaceships campervan online, you'll 2 payment options:

  • Option 1. A 20% non-refundable deposit 
  • Option 2. Pay in full 

Full payment is required if your booking is made within 3 days of your intended pick-up day. 

What time can I pick up my Spaceship?

An after-hours pickup means that you can pick up your Spaceships anytime you like. Super early in the morning, in the evening or even late at night. It's up to you. As long as you pre-book your (early) after-hours pick-up we'll make sure your campervan is ready.

Will a staff member be on-site when I pick up my campervan after-hours?

No. Staff members are only on-site during office hours. When you're going for an after-hours pickup we'll send you an email with all the info about where to find your campervan, how to get to the keys and how to use your campervan.

Who's going to explain how to use my campervan?

No one. Picking up after-hours means that there is no Spaceships crew member on-site to explain the features of your campervan. But the good news is that we have downloaded the knowledge from our crew's brains and have created virtual assistants to help you out.

Well, we haven't built virtual crew members yet but we did create some awesome videos that will explain all features of your Spaceships and how to use your campervan.

If you prefer to have al the features of your campervan explained by a human crew member, we recommend changing your booking to a pick up between 9am and 5pm (7 days a week) aka office hours.

Do I need to have the All-Inclusive insurance?

No. But we do recommend that you select this option. To reduce the risk of any unforeseen damages on the return of the vehicle outside of office hours we recommend selecting the All-Inclusive insurance option for complete peace of mind. Please refer to clause 22 in our terms and conditions for more information

Any tips when I pick up my campervan late?

Yes. If you are arriving late and are tired we strongly recommend staying in or close to Auckland or Christchurch. Please don't attempt to drive any significant distances.

Is your question not answered?

Feel free to contact us. Please email or call 0800 772 237 (freephone within New Zealand) or +6495262130 from overseas. Or use the live chat button at the bottom of this page.

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