How to go camping in New Zealand with a baby

Travelling in New Zealand with a baby is easy. At Spaceships, we like to make it even easier for you. We have several child seat options, so you can hire a campervan with a baby and enjoy this beautiful country.

A beautiful country that is perfect for your family holiday. Or as the Kidspot blog says: "New Zealand ticks all the family-friendly boxes when it comes to a holiday" (read the full blog post about the kid-friendliness of New Zealand).

Campervan hire with a baby

Travelling in a Spaceship campervan with your baby is easy. The rear seating system provides the extra seating required and we have anchor points installed for the child seats. There are two child seat options available for hire with your camper from Spaceships. 

  1. For infants to approximately four-year-old children, we provide the Safe n Sound Guardian Car Seat. The cost is $50 for the duration of your hire.
  2. For children 15-34 kg or approximately 4-8 years, we have a booster seat option for $50 for the duration of your hire. 

Our seats were purchased in April 2013 and meet the New Zealand and Australian safety standards. They are valid for 10 years. A baby/child seat needs to be pre-booked. You can add a child seat to your booking via our Online Check-in Portal.

Which Spaceships campervan is suitable for a child seat?

There are only two Spaceships campervan categories that are suitable for fitting a child/baby seat:

  • Beta (standard) campervan: a maximum of 1 child or baby seat can be used in this campervan
  • Beta 4-berth (rooftop camping) campervan: a maximum of 2 child or baby seats can be fitted in this campervan

See all the specifications of these campervans and see the advantages of each one.

Safe n Sound Guardian car seat

Camping with a baby: easy and safe car seat

  • Suitable from birth to approx 4 years
  • Shoulder height markers provide guidance of age use
  • Deep Contour wings to provide added protection in the event of a crash
  • Grows with your child from baby car seat to toddler car seat
  • Cushioned baby insert for additional support
  • Retractable stabilising bar
  • Head pillow
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Messy Mat
  • Storage Pockets

The Infa Secure Versatile Booster

Camping with a baby: another car seat to use

  • Tested and Approved to the AS/NZ Standard
  • Suitable from 4 to 8 years of age approx
  • Lightweight design under 2kgs
  • No teether Strap required
  • Ideal Travel Booster Seat - Energy Absorption for enhanced seat protection
  • Folding Booster Seat

Fitting a baby/child seat into a campervan is easy

We can help fit but the responsibility of fitting the seat correctly is with the parents or person hiring the vehicle. In the video below, you can see what the Beta campervan looks like from the inside and where the baby/child seat will be placed. 

Customers about camping with a baby in New Zealand

Katalin & Karol travelled with their 13-months old baby in a Spaceships Beta campervan for a month: "Next, to the bed, we could still fit our stroller and backpack carrier, not to mention the camping table and chairs we rented as extras. We were surprised how well everything fit into our Spaceship." Read the full story about their road trip: One month with a toddler in a Spaceship.

Also, the Ardent Traveler (travel bloggers) travelled with a baby in a Spaceships campervan. Here's a quote from their travel experience: "Additionally, the MPV had many compartments for diapers and other baby gear and curtains to block the sun out when he was having his morning and afternoon naps. The spacious luggage storage at the back of the vehicle was also big enough for us to put away a medium-size trolley bag, a 60-litre backpack and other baby paraphernalia, and still had extra space for at least one more bag." Read their blog post about roadtripping with a baby: 30-Day New Zealand Roadtrip In A Spaceship.

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