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Spaceships Travel & Camping Apps

Downloading a travel app is a great way to prepare for your road trip in New Zealand. Plus, you'll have all info about free and cheap campgrounds and activities with you during your trip. But which of the camping apps should you download? Well, there's one app that's free, packed with the latest info, constantly updated and supported by your mates at Spaceships: the Spaceships travel & camping app for New Zealand and Australia.

Downloading the free Spaceship camping apps is easy

Download the free Spaceships app for Android Download the free Spaceships app for Apple

The Spaceships travel & camping apps are available for Android and Apple devices. Both apps are developed in cooperation with CamperMate, travel app developers since 2006. Whether travelling to New Zealand or Australia you only need to download the Spaceships app as all the info for both countries is in there.

The Spaceships travel app is packed with info

  • Locations of the Spaceships depots in New Zealand and Australia
  • Campground info: free and low cost campsites
  • Accommodation: if you want to stay in a hostel or motel
  • Deals near your location
  • Things to do and see
  • Road warnings
  • Petrol stations
  • WiFi hotspots
  • Public toilets
  • ... And more, much more

All the info is location based. You'll only see the info category you select and only the info that's in the area you're travelling in. Now you know exactly where to camp and how to get there. The app can be used offline so you don't need to use your mobile data or connect to WiFi. Easy as.

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Created by travellers for travellers

All info in the Spaceships travel & camping apps comes from travellers like you. In the app, you'll also see how others rank campsites and the extra info and tips they have posted. You can add new info and photos yourself as well. Together we'll make these camping apps even better.

All info in the app is stored in the powerful systems of CamperMate. The updates you post in the Spaceships app will flow automatically to the CamperMate app and vice versa.

Helping you to maximise your New Zealand experience 

Knowing where to stay is a great help but only half the adventure. How to get there and what to do is also good to know. The new Spaceships travel & camping app will give you all the info you're looking for, but there's more...

We also have the amazing content on what to do by Scott Cook, author of the NZ Frenzy guidebooks. When you book with us, we provide you with two NZ Frenzy guidebooks for free (PDF) in advance, so you can plan your trip as soon as your campervan is booked.

The NZ Frenzy guidebooks and the new Spaceships travel & camping apps (for Android and Apple) will give you heaps of inside information about travelling in New Zealand and Australia. It's like having a Spaceships crew member in the car, without the annoyance of him/her changing the radio stations all the time. :)

Download one of the Spaceships travel & camping apps now and you'll be prepared for your road trip in New Zealand and Australia. No need to download other apps, this one has all the info you need.

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Preview of the free Spaceships travel apps

Spaceships travel & camping app's introduction screenSpaceships travel & camping app's New Zealand campground map

Download the free Spaceships app for Android Download the free Spaceships app for Apple