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Downloading a travel app is a great way to prepare for your road trip in New Zealand. Plus, you'll have all the info about free and cheap campgrounds and activities with you during your trip. But which of the camping apps should you download? Well, there are two apps that are free, packed with the latest info, constantly updated and supported by your mates at Spaceships: the Spaceships camping & road trip apps for New Zealand!

Spaceships apps are free for all travellers & roadtrippers

At Spaceships, we like to make things easier for all travellers and roadtrippers in New Zealand. We have created some amazing apps (in our humble opinion Laughing) that will make your New Zealand trip a whole lot easier. No need to browse around the web and read dozens of outdated travel blogs or download several apps that are doing only one thing. We have two great free apps for you. Check it out!

1. Free camping & travel app for New Zealand

This free app will help you to find all free & budget campsites in New Zealand. The app is packed with so much info that it feels like you're travelling with a seasoned backpacker or Spaceships crew member on the backseat of your campervan.

No matter where the road will take you in New Zealand, this camping & travel app will show you all campsites nearby. It will also show you the facilities of each campsite and the cost, whether it's a free or a low-cost campsite. And if you like to have more facilities, the app also shows you any paid campgrounds and holiday parks nearby.

But there's more, lots more.... All the info that is important to know on a camping road trip is shown as well. From road conditions and road warnings to where to find supermarkets or free wifi hotspots.

It can all be found in the free Spaceships camping & travel app.

2. Free road trip app for planning your trip

Our next app is an amazing (and free as well) app to help you plan your New Zealand road trip from day-to-day. You can create your own personal road trip and add everything you want to see and do along the way. Scroll through the list of activities, hikes and lots more things to do and add it to your road trip.

Or browse the list of trip created by fellow travellers and follow in their footsteps uh wheel tracks. But you can also use these trips as inspiration and turn it into your own road trip by tweaking it. Easy as.

Plus, the road trip app will show you lots of deals & discounts. You can book all your favourite NZ must-do activities while planning your trip at the best available price. Most operators use vouchers that can be locked in as soon as you know your travel dates. Planning your NZ road trip doesn't get easier than this.

Get the free road trip planning app now

Camping at Rakaia Gorge camp ground

Our free camping & road trip apps will take your NZ road trip to the next level

Apps created by travellers for travellers

All info in the Spaceships camping & road trip apps comes from travellers like you. In the apps, you'll also see how others rank campsites and the extra info and tips they have posted. You can add new info and photos yourself as well. Together we'll make these camping apps even better.

Why two Spaceships apps?

Each app of our free camping & road trip apps is completely different. They are each super helpful in their own way.

  1. Spaceships camping & travel app. This app is specialised in find campsites throughout New Zealand and getting you there. Whether you are looking for a free campsite or a low-cost one, this is the app for you. And as an added bonus it'll also show you info about important things in the area, like where to buy groceries or how far the next petrol station is. This app is all about spending the night at amazing places in New Zealand without breaking the bank. You'll save lots of money when you go for a camping trip in New Zealand.
  2. Spaceships road trip planning app. This app does the rest. It'll be your inspiration for finding amazing things to do, from thrill-seeking activities to awesome hikes and everything in between. It is the most extensive database of things to do in New Zealand. And the paid activities can be booked at the best available prices so you'll save money as well. If you don't want to spend every night at a campsite, this app will show you hotels, motels and hostels nearby. And it'll show you the lowest possible price for each of them. 

Helping you to maximise your New Zealand experience 

Knowing where to stay is a great help but only half the adventure. How to get there and what to do is also good to know. The Spaceships camping & road trip apps will give you all the info you're looking for, but there's more...

We also have the amazing content on what to do by Scott Cook, author of the NZ Frenzy guidebooks. When you book with us, we provide you with two NZ Frenzy guidebooks for free (PDF) in advance, so you can plan your trip as soon as your campervan is booked.

The NZ Frenzy guidebooks and the Spaceships camping & road trip apps (for Android and Apple) will give you heaps of inside information about travelling in New Zealand and Australia. It's like having a Spaceships crew member in the car, without the annoyance of him/her changing the radio stations all the time. :)

Download these Spaceships camping & road trip apps now and you'll be prepared for your road trip in New Zealand and even in Australia. No need to download other apps, these two Spaceships apps are the only ones you need for a great #spaceshipsroadtrip.

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