How to extend the outdoor living space of your campervan

Posted on 22/10/2018 by Spaceships Crew

New Zealand is great for those who want to enjoy the great outdoors or take a road trip. With its gorgeous mountains and open spaces, there is no better way to camp. However, the sun can be hot but the sunshade or side awning (optional accessory) will keep you comfortable.

From side awning to sunshade

If you are looking to add a side awning to your Spaceships campervan we have great news for you. Our side awnings have morphed into sunshades. Why? Well, our sunshade will extend your outdoor space more than the classic side awning did.

You can use it at the back of the vehicle to create a bigger covered outdoor space for cooking or sitting & relaxing while your food is cooking.

The sunshade is an optional accessory that can be added to all Spaceships campervans. Simply add it when booking online (best rates, guaranteed!) or add it during the online check-in.


Setting up the sunshade (side awning)

The awning extension comes with a pole feature that requires virtually no assembly. You pull out the assembly, unfold it and then pull down the centre section until it clicks. Then you lift the entire lightweight canvas assembly to attach to the top of your campervan. Lock the secure orange tabs in place. Then, extend the legs on the sunshade assembly and stake them with small pins into the ground. You now have a lean-to campsite that shields you from the sun and light rain.

Those who are planning a road trip need to be prepared. These accessories go a long way to keep you safe and can also allow you to take your time on the road for overnight breaks. That could mean more time spent enjoying your friends and family during the trip. After all, it isn't always about the destination. Sometimes, it's the journey that's worth remembering.

With the sunshade you can see the best of the New Zealand landscape without suffering sunburn or other discomforts from the elements. It is one of the best and affordable accessories to include with your campervan rental!

Which campervans can use the sunshade?

The sunshade aka side awning can be used with all Spaceships campervans in New Zealand. Whether you're going for the budget model or the luxury Dream Sleeper Mini, the outdoor space of all Spaceships can be extended by using the new version of the side awning. All systems are go for the sunshade!

New Zealand sun burns hot 

Many don't realize how much sun shines on New Zealand. Scientifically, the sun is stronger in the Southern Hemisphere than in the Northern Hemisphere, especially in the summer. Earth's orbit puts New Zealand closer to the sun then and there is less ozone and less pollution to block its rays. Even those accustomed to strong sunshine will burn easily in New Zealand

The sunshade is perfect for travelling, whether you are driving to a destination or decided to camp out. The sunshade is useful in several ways including.

This sunshade is a sturdy canvas that blocks sunshine, creating cooling shade. It is easy to assemble too. You can use it to extend your space or using the sunshade to create a bigger, covered outdoor space. It provides easy setup for you, your friends or family to take a break for lunch during an extended road trip.

Be SunSmart on your road trip

Even though the sunshade protects you from the New Zealand sun while sitting outside we recommend to be SunSmart: Slip, Slop, Slap and Wrap as we say in New Zealand.

  • Slip on a shirt
  • Slip into the shade (under the side awning aka sunshade)
  • Slop on sunscreen (never leave your campervan without it)
  • Slap on a hat
  • Wrap on sunglasses

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