Secret discount tip to save on your summer road trip in New Zealand

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Get a 5% discount

✓ See North & South Island

✓ Use our secret discount tip

✓ Save at least $258

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Secret discount tip to save on your road trip

Cheapest & easiest way to do an Auckland - Christchurch road trip

Sometimes you'll notice that campervans sell out fast and it can get difficult to find one for your travel dates. Especially if you want to go from Auckland to Christchurch in summer. But there's a solution... And it'll save you money!

Get 5% off by creating 2 Spaceship bookings: 1 for North Island & 1 for South Island!

✓ No ferry travel involved on your road trips, so you'll save at least $258

✓ Pick up & drop-off in Auckland & do the same for Christchurch

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Loyal customers will get an extra 5% discount. Create 2 trips and save heaps!

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Email us your 2 booking numbers and we'll give you an extra 5% discount, as you're now a repeat customer!

Call us on 0800 772 237 or start a live chat (click bubble icon below) if there are any questions.

No hidden fees! The price you see is the price you pay!

Terms & conditions: offer valid for repeat customers (also 2 bookings made at once), new bookings only! Discount valid throughout the year. Use it in the busy summertime to create a cheaper & separate North Island and South Island trip. Looking for a cheap way to travel between Auckland and Christchurch? Check out airlines Jetstar or Air New Zealand.

It'll be a great #spaceshipsroadtrip. Promised. Check out what you can expect from us!

Free with every Spaceships campervan booking

✓ Unlimited kilometres
✓ Standard insurance with 3rd party cover
✓ Free after-hours & weekend pick-up & drop-off
✓ Same low excess for 18-21 year olds
✓ Travel app & NZ Frenzy guidebooks
✓ Cooking gear: kettle, pans & more
✓ 24-hour roadside service
✓ Bedding & linen

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