Relocation deals: $1 per day campervan hire in New Zealand

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Relocation deals from $1 per day

✓ Campervan relocation

✓ Unlimited kilometres

✓ Cheapest road trip

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Campervan relocations from $1 per day

All $1 relocations are gone! The $1 relocations are super popular and they are now BOOKED OUT!

Auckland to Christchurch $1 relocations

 Dates: none, all relocations are booked!

✓ Maximum days: 5 days @ $1 per day (no extension, no extra days)

✓ Vehicle: none

✓ Extras: just a $1 per day relocation, the cheapest way to travel from Auckland to Christchurch

Book online: best rates guaranteed

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Christchurch to Auckland $1 relocations

** There are no Christchurch to Auckland relocations available **

 Dates: all gone, no relocations available

✓ Maximum days: 5 days @ $1 per day (no extension, no extra days)

✓ Availability: all gone, no relocations available

Campervan category: will be determined by us at pick-up

✓ Extras: free ferry included (vehicle only)

Book online: best rates guaranteed

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Looking for more flexibility? One-way specials with unlimited days & kilometres

Spaceships campervans come with ✓ unlimited kilometres ✓ standard insurance with 3rd party cover ✓ automatic transmission ✓ sleeping & cooking gear ✓ free after-hours pick-up

Isn't it time for a cheap #spaceshipsroadtrip?

Exploring New Zealand was never this cheap. Don't miss out on our relocation deals!

✓ One-way hire: from $1 per day
✓ Unlimited kilometres with your relocation
✓ Standard insurance with 3rd party cover
✓ Travel app & NZ Frenzy guidebooks
✓ 24-hour roadside service
✓ Cutlery & crockery
✓ Bedding & linen

Call 0800 772 237 to book

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Looking for more flexibility?

Need more time to travel from Christchurch to Auckland? Or Auckland to Christchurch? Then it's good to know that we don't charge any one-fees! One-way travel is included in our low rates.

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Or use this travel hack to find discounted campervan hire, even during busy times of the year

What is a campervan relocation?

Every once in a while, we have too many vehicles in one of our depots (Auckland or Christchurch). Campervans that need to be transported to the other depot. To make our life easier and your travels in New Zealand cheaper, we are offering campervan relocation deals.

This means that you're driving a Spaceships campervan from one location to the other. You'll pay only a few dollars per day and you'll get enough days to make the trip in a relaxed way.

Travel cheap with our campervan relocations

Campervan relocation is an extremely cost-effective and fun way to check out parts of New Zealand and visit friends that you struggle to see and catch up with. If you get your timing right, we have deals going from as low as $1 per day for a campervan relocation! 

Combine this ridiculously great value with staying with some friends and all you have to pay for is some fuel and food. Sometimes we will even pay for the vehicle on the ferry. All the inclusions and freebies will be listed in the relocation details above. If you have not explored much of New Zealand, then this is a fantastic way to get out there and experience it.

Limited time offer, don't miss out!

All campervan relocation deals are available for a limited time and a limited number of vehicles. Missed out on a campervan relocation?

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